Saudi Arabia’s pride in Gitex Dubai 2019 Exhibition


With its presence in the Gitex Dubai 2019 Exhibition, the Saudi Ministry of Interior was keen to make the optimum use of the media to highlight the Kingdom’s various hi-tech accomplishments, especially in protecting its security and facilitating the services being provided to citizens and expatriates.

The Interior Ministry’s pavilion at the Gitex Dubai 2019 Exhibition attracted visitors from different countries of the world. Some were amazed at the modern technology they saw and the methods used to serve citizens.

Others took the opportunity to apply for a tourist visa to the Kingdom, as it was easy to submit an application and complete procedures in a short time. The applicant only had to wait for a short while to receive an email approving his visa application.

The pavilion attracted visitors by using visual shows in which the information and descriptions were well arranged, well presented and easy to follow. Visitors were taken from one demo and shown the way that modern technology works.

Examples were the use of drones, several types of cameras and initiatives aimed at achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, such as the “Makkah Route and Eyab” initiative, which is aimed at cutting the time for pilgrims’ entry procedures to the minimum.

Other services provided by the Ministry of Interior were also highlighted, such as the Unified Security Operations Center 911 and the “Taqdeer” service meant to serve the sick, those with special needs and senior citizens.

There is also the Civil Status service abroad that caters to the needs of Saudi citizens, who live abroad for work, study or treatment. The department issues or renews Saudi national identity cards in the country where the citizens reside.

The Ministry of Interior pavilion at Gitex Dubai 2019 Exhibition deserves praise, as it reveals the great efforts being exerted day and night, 24/7, by the ministry so that we can all live in peace and security.

May this nation live forever with pride!