Falcons exhibition draws 70,000 visitors on first day

October 12, 2019

Saudi Gazette report

Over 70,000 proper visited the Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition as it opened here on Friday, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said.

The Riyadh Front Season is hosting the Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition in its second edition. Organized by the Falcons Club, the exhibition's wings and sections were crowded from the early hours of its launch after Friday prayer.

In its second edition, the exhibition witnessed a turnout beyond expectation, achieving the highest attendance rate since its early hours, in the light of the attention and passion for falcons and weapons by visitors, who have been waiting for its opening since the early morning hours.

The Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition topped the scene at the Riyadh Front Season located at the main entrance for visitors coming from King Khalid International Airport.

The exhibition will last until next Tuesday and receive visitors daily for 12 hours a day from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Meanwhile, falcon sales on the first day of the exhibition have achieved the most prominent deals in the region, amounting to more than SR2 million.

The deals came in direct sales in addition to the Falcons auction section in which 12 falcons of different species were displayed. The exhibition aims to strengthen contact with the Saudi folklore and cultural heritage and preserve the heritage of the Kingdom in terms of the hobby of falconry, as inherent customs of the Arabs in general and Saudis in particular.

It also works to spread the culture and arts through the establishment of a regional high-level exhibition, specialized in falcons and hunting, for participants from the Kingdom, the Gulf region and the world, in addition to offering opportunity to visitors to view and buy the latest hunting tools and equipment from around the world with the participation of more than 20 countries.

The location of the exhibition, which leads the scene, at Riyadh Front, built on a total area of 36,000 sq. meters, including the exhibition, with 30 sections specialized for diverse products, such as veterinary supplies and falcons, a department for weapons and tools of terrestrial trips, another for fine arts and interactive wings to introduce the culture of the Arabian Peninsula, and Saudi interest in falcons, and to present the experiences of participating countries.

All sections were of a great appeal to visitors, as they discerned the development in the presentation of products and accompanying events, in addition to desert-wise displays of hunting tools and cars with modified wings.

October 12, 2019
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