GEA and humanizing society

August 04, 2019
GEA and humanizing society
Osama Yamani

The General Entertainment Authority plays a vital and essential role in the community, restoring life and joy to people, contributing to improving the quality of life, and strengthening family ties all of which are necessary for society. There is no doubt that this will face resistance from some extremists who have been brainwashed.

Humanism is a general intellectual trend that emerged in Italy in the European Renaissance.

This trend changed all aspects of Western life. It stopped men from paying blind obedience to the clergy, freed them from their powers, and supported trust in man and his nature.

Economic prosperity, progress, and development are linked to the humanization of society and its movement away from myths and illusions. Humanization has become a science in itself, and the science in its various branches includes the humanization of cities and transportation, as is today taking place in many cities such as Moscow and London. Moreover, humanization is necessary to improve the quality of life.

Some believe that the cost of humanization is high, but the cost of non-humanization is much greater, which is why humanization is useful for the economy and investment, and its return to society is great in many aspects, including the environmental, creative and intellectual and even in terms of social justice.

The fight against some humanization is due to the culture of closure that calls for the disregard of humanity and the demonization of society and the fight against creativity and progress.

Those who are mentally outdated are afraid to open the door to thoughtful consideration and are stuck in the past and stand in the way of anyone who tries to uncover the truth.

Those close-minded people do not want to acknowledge prosperity and cultural glamor, and the flourishing of arts, sports, music and other things that coincide with humanization.

In his book The Humanism of Arab Thought, the Algerian thinker Mohammed Arkoun highlighted the Arab philosopher Mohamed Ben Ahmed Muskouia, who formed a new cultural phenomenon in our heritage, based on the human being as a starting point. However, this promising humanitarian, literary and philosophical trend has faded away.

Therefore, the role played by the entertainment authority in humanizing society will benefit society, the economy and the behavior of individuals by encouraging them to accept the other. This humanization contributes to the building of the homeland, in which every individual believes that he is part of the significant entity of his people, their diversity, their differences and their backgrounds, which constitute this beautiful painting full of colors and richness in its components.

* The author is a Saudi legal adviser and writer.

August 04, 2019
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