When Tamim satirized his father


The behavior of Doha is a series of never-ending estrangements. This, of course, is always the problem of little people who insist on trying to play a role which is larger than their actual size, position and impact. Nobody cares about them. The funny thing is that the “Hamadain” regime believes that it can achieve whatever it wants by buying people with money, bribery and corruption.

Within the “Hamadain” wish to compete with the Kingdom and its allies, a competition which is clearly doomed to failure, the Qatari regime goes to places where it thinks it can harm the Kingdom’s position among its allies from sisterly and friendly countries. The Qatari regime is well aware that Saudi Arabia is a major, influential and pivotal country that is indispensable to the world. The Kingdom does not buy people or pens, as history is its witness.

The stories of the small country began early this month with its usual comic performance whenever the Haj season approaches. At this time, the Qatari regime alleges that the Kingdom has prevented the citizens and residents of Qatar from performing Haj. This is a sheer lie because the Kingdom is keen to establish internet links through which Qataris and expatriates can register their names for the pilgrimage so as to facilitate the procedures of their arrival and accommodation in the holy land.

The “Hamadain” regime quickly deletes these links so that it can make detestable claims and spread blatant lies that the Kingdom is hampering the arrival of pilgrims from Qatar. The concerned authorities in the Kingdom issued an official statement in which they confirmed that like all other Arab and Islamic countries, Qatar was invited to send its Haj mission to discuss the arrangements for its pilgrims. The Qatari delegation came but refused to sign the Haj agreement that specifies the duties and commitments of both the guest and the host country.

The “Hamadain” regime has recently been involved in another scandal. The Italian police arrested three people after finding in their house a large quantity of weapons including a Qatari missile in addition to promotional material for Neo-Nazis. This is yet further proof that the Qatari regime is involved in the spreading of chaos and destruction in the Middle East. The Qatari regime has gone even further in spreading its destructive plots and arming extremist militias.

Qatari weapons were found in the house of one of the members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Aden’s Al-Muala district which is further proof that Qatar is intent on spreading chaos in the liberated areas of Yemen. A few days later in Ethiopia, which was hosting talks between the Sudanese Forces of Freedom and Change and the leaders of armed movements, the destructive role of Qatar was unearthed.

The Qatari ambassador in Addis Ababa invited one of the leaders of the armed movements to dinner at his home. The leader was no other than Gabriel Ibrahim, the chairman of the movement of Justice and Equality in Darfur. The ambassador wanted Gabriel to sabotage the talks. The Ethiopian intelligence authorities immediately decided to expel Gabriel from the country and would have done so if it had it not been for the quick intervention of the leaders of the African Union.

Following this, the role of the tiny “Hamadain” state was uncovered in Somalia. A telephone conversation between the Qatari ambassador to Mogadishu and a Qatari businessman who was reported to be very close to the ruler Tamim Bin Hamad was monitored and it incriminated the tiny state. The businessman told the ambassador that an explosion in the seaport of Bosaso in Somalia was the work of our “friends”.

The businessman was referring to the Al-Shabab Somali terrorist organization which is part of Al-Qaeda and the ISIS terror groups. He told the ambassador that their “friends” were aiming to destabilize the seaport so that the Dubai officials who were managing the seaport would quit.

There is no doubt that these are the ethics of the pygmies of the small state. However, their lies and machinations always fail no matter how much money the Qatari regime spends on its devious plots. Tamim is like the pre-Islamic Arab poet Al-Hutaiah who satirized his own father. He said he always found his father at low and inferior levels, never in noble and high positions.

— The author is a Saudi writer. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi