Al-Asouf episode deals with Juhayman incident

A scene from the TV drama Al-Asouf shows Nasser Al-Qasabi among visitors to the Grand Mosque.

Okaz/Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh —
Popular Ramadan TV series Al-Asouf in its Monday episode dealt with the incident of the attack on the Grand Mosque in Makkah 41 years ago.

The TV series showed actors as worshipers carrying weapons hidden inside a coffin.

Khalid and his maternal uncle Abu Yaeesh, who were performing Umrah, were stunned by the appearance of Juhayman Al-Otaibi and his group brandishing weapons the moments prayers were over in the mataf area. All the doors of the Grand Mosque were locked confining the worshipers inside.

The so-called leader of the group “Al-Mahdi Al-Muntazar” was also inside.

This episode of Al-Asouf was distinctive in its production and performance.

Actor Yaqub Al-Farhan excelled in his role as Juhayman.

The episode also captured the incidents outside the Grand Mosque including the anxiety and concern of those whose family members were trapped inside.

The episode showed Khalid’s family and their anguish at hearing that their son was trapped inside.

It also showed the prompt action of the Saudi government in dealing with the incident as it succeeded in clearing the Grand Mosque of the attackers while safeguarding the visitors and worshipers.

This episode attracted a huge number of audience as it showed a very important issue. It was also trending on social media.