Avaya attracts local talents in innovative and technological jobs


RIYADH — Avaya Academy has succeeded in attracting several Saudi talents (males / females) and enrolling them in the "Training Programs for Employment" to contribute to the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Through an intensive training program over the past six months, the Saudi trainees at the Academy were given a profound understanding of the rapidly developing technology sector. The trainees dealt with modern technologies and technical application in digital transformation projects in Saudi Arabia’s public and private sectors.

Zuhair Diab, General Manager of Avaya, KSA, pointed out that the young Saudi talent, selected in 2019 or 2018, is well positioned to contribute to the development of the local content in line with Vision 2030. Furthermore, Avaya hopes that the local Saudi talent will be a key component of its future success and its continued global reach in innovative smart solutions for telecom software and digital business growth services. "

Diab highlighted that the two students who graduated from Avaya Academy, 2019 batch, Abdullah Al Shaer and Razan Bashawari, were rotated during the training programs in several departments to be acquainted with the intricacies of each department that will equip them to effectively work as consultations and develop appropriate solutions for customers.

He also stressed that the Academy succeeded in indirectly contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the "Strengthening the National Profile" program, which is one of the 2030 vision programs launched by the Council for Economic Affairs and Development. It is concerned with enhancing the personal characteristics of Saudi youth to motivate them towards success and self-actualization.

Abdullah Al Shaer and Razan Bashawari, along with 15 others, participated in the latest technical and specialist sales sessions, including "Digital Enterprise Communication". They were also trained in "Developing Digital Customer Service Solutions" and new products related to smart solutions in communications and services to contribute to business growth, and to enhance and simplify communication and cooperation in the cloud that meet the needs and requirements of the workplace in various fields.

Abdulla Al Shaer expressed his enthusiasm after completing the program in late April. His experience was unique with the qualitative traits, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experimentation. Razan Bashawari described her experience as "the most distinguished in the field of specialized education, "She has learned a lot from advanced technology courses, especially in the field of Internet communications and sales, and has gained qualitative understanding in the development of the digital business agendas of digital transformation."

At the end of the training period of six months and one year, Avaya employs these talents and generates opportunities for them to move forward. The company has appointed the Academy Marketing Director, Shaden Al Dabban, and Sales and Consultancy Services Manager Abdulrahman Sultan Al Maiman in late October 2018. — SG