Ghabaga: A Ramadan event reviving cultural concepts


JEDDAH — The recently concluded “Ghabaga” event held last May12-14) in Jeddah under the “Ramadan Season” highlighted cultural activations that is taking place at “Rebal Land for Events and Exhibitions”, located at the King Abdulaziz Road, Nahda District.

“Ghabaga” was named in reference to the late Ramadan dinner that usually is in between the “Iftar” and “Suhoor”. It is a proper meal at midnight and the wording of the event’s name goes back to Bedouin era.

“Ghabaga” is normally conducted during the holy month of Ramadan in order to revive the cultural concepts. It also displayed a variety of the old Saudi traditional foods that became famous in old time during Ramadan, as well as it exhibits cultural products and present entertainment activities.

The event’s beauty is when the women and children gather up all together, which is a tradition and a social culture during Ramadan. The women presented several kinds of cooks and local, Saudi, Ramadan special foods to highlight to the visitors, the preferred and traditional foods of the kingdom in old times.

“Ghabaga” also offered clothing, accessories’ exhibitions specially made for the month of Ramadan. Most importantly, children enjoyed their time during this event that combines entertainment, culture education and the different traditional activities in a modern and creative way. — SG