Turkey disfigures Zaki’s body before returning it: Brother


CAIRO - The brother of a Palestinian who died while in Turkish custody said that the body showed signs of brutal torture and it was almost deformed. “It was impossible for the family to perform another autopsy as there is nothing left inside the body,” said Zakaria Mubarak, Zaki’s brother. The body was repatriated to Egypt at 7.30 p.m. on Monday after detaining it for about 18 days. Zaki was disappeared mysteriously from Turkey on April 7, and after 15 days the Turkish authorities disclosed that he was detained on alleged espionage charges. Later, Turkey said that Zaki, one of the two Palestinian men arrested on alleged espionage charges in April, died while in custody and called his death a suicide.

“It is impossible to dissect the body again because there is nothing left inside, the body is completely empty. Even the tongue does not exist,” Zakaria told Al Arabiya from Cairo.

Zaki’s family said they were skeptical of the suicide claims and called for an investigation into the matter. “It is a horrible thing, the body showed signs of brutal torture and it was almost deformed. In fact, I was in shock and amazement. I did not even recognize my brother,” Zakaria said after receiving the body in Cairo. “His daughters were able to identify him through distinctive features,” he added.

The family has also called into question the coroner’s report from Istanbul, which was translated into three languages. “The report contradicted itself. It stated that the result of death was natural but at the same time, it said that the cause of death was due to several injuries. International courts will review all documents,” Zakaria said. Alarabiya English