Using hologram and VR, GEA retells the story of Bilal bin Rabah in Madinah


RIYADH — A unique exhibition on the life of Bilal bin Rabah, a notable companion of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, will be hosted in Madinah’s Al Aaliyah markets on May 17- 24, with support from the General Entertainment Authority (GEA).

The exhibition will take visitors on an interactive tour through a short movie revolving around the life of the great companion. Viewers will get to experience a unique journey using VR headsets and hologram projections as they delve into the details of the Battle of Badr for 20 minutes and witness the historical battle and its critical moments. Visitors will also have the opportunity to win valuable prizes through taking part in the ‘Reality from Fiction’ competition where they are required to draw information and facts about the film and the real story from interactive screens.

Furthermore, a dedicated kiosk at the exhibition will allow visitors to experience the first call to prayer in the history of Islam which was performed by Bilal. Moreover, the event will offer numerous activities for children, where they can play various games such as horse racing, an experience inspired by the childhood of Bilal bin Rabah, learn the valiant game of archery for an unforgettable experience, gain sword-fighting skills, wear warrior masks, and listen to stories narrated by the traditional story-teller, hakawati. The exhibit will also feature a children’s art corner where they can craft puppets and assemble swords, masks, and other art inspired by the movie.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy paintings and other works of art at the ‘Arts Avenue’, where they can revel in authentic Arab art, wall paintings, and dazzling artworks. They can also tour the old heritage market where traditional artifacts, various products and household items are displayed. — SG