Artificial intelligence and a disturbing choice!


“Break Free” is the name of a song from the first musical album produced entirely by artificial intelligence. The album was programmed by musicians and technical experts with artificial intelligence being left to do the remainder of the creative task.

At the same time, the well-known auction house Sotheby’s has displayed paintings that were painted entirely by artificial intelligence. The Tommy Hilfiger fashion house has used artificial intelligence to design clothes and others in the industry are expected to follow suit. In the field of architectural design, there is a revolution in the use of artificial intelligence that is minimizing the role of humans in the field.

Creative fields have been influenced by artificial intelligence, and IBM believes that it will also have an impact on industrial intelligence. The media and advertising sectors have been especially affected by artificial intelligence. Today, Chinese television features a “female” robot that presents news bulletins and interacts with the audience. The businessman Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, Inc., said: “Artificial intelligence is an inherent danger to the survival of human civilization.” Expressing his anxiety and apprehension, he added: “Artificial intelligence is the worst stage in human history. “

In an impressive report, the McKinsey management consulting firm said that industrial intelligence would replace 75 to 375 million jobs, equivalent to 3-14 percent of the world’s workforce.

Today, there are films and TV series that are being prepared based on artificial intelligence. In five year’s time, CVs will change because the challenge will be to highlight the advantages and capabilities of a human employee in the face of a devastating artificial intelligence tsunami. It will not be enough to say that you are capable of thinking outside the box; you will have to prove it.

Creative sectors are the last horizon for artificial intelligence, which has already had a profound effect by penetrating technical, medical and banking sectors.

However, the world faces a two-pronged problem. On the one hand, industrial intelligence offers great solutions to difficult problems and this has helped to facilitate life, disseminate information, improve communication and develop industry in a more efficient and economical way, while at the same time eliminating jobs for millions of people.

The core concern is that the world has to choose either products that are better, cheaper and faster or unprecedented rates of unemployment. A worrisome choice indeed!