Social media video clips can destroy people’s lives



Using cellphones to take photos or video clips creates many problems. The age of technology has made it possible for every child with a cellphone to become a journalist and anyone to call himself a photographer. However, people who take pictures can find themselves guilty of violating cybercrime laws.

Many people in trouble for violating such laws should not have interfered in other people’s affairs. If they had only minded their own business they would not have had to answer to the authorities for their actions.

Today, we find that many video clips that are circulating on social media sites are harmful to others. Defaming people through social media video clips is a crime and it harms others and even destroys their lives. Sometimes a clip is only a few seconds long but it creates a disaster in people’s lives.

The question is: Why is this happening? Where is the logic in all of this? Those who are addicted to taking clips of others should ask themselves why they are destroying other people’s lives. Such behavior can lead to fines and sometimes jail time.

We should not turn technology into a harmful tool and taking pictures should lead to a court case. Sometimes a person posts a picture or a tweet that can lead to him being placed behind bars. He should ask himself where he was before taking the picture, and where he was after he took it.

Twitter: @ibrahim__naseeb