Sue them for your rights

March 31, 2019
Abdu Khal
Abdu Khal
Abdo Khal


A news report was circulating on social media recently. Unfortunately, the news items did not get the attention of many people, unlike other reports.

The report said a court in Riyadh forced a local airline company to pay SR60,000 in compensation to a citizen and his family because their flight to New York was delayed by 21 hours and their seats were changed on the return flight without their approval.

How many events like the one mentioned above happened to people without the airline even apologizing?

How many people›s flights were canceled without an apology? How many harassment passengers faced during their flights? There were tens of situations like this.

I want to emphasize here that there are administrative courts in this country where the citizens can claim their rights back and seek justice in case they receive bad treatment from any service providers.

How many departments and agencies are there providing us with poor services on a daily basis?

People need to know that getting their rights back needs patients. This person won his case after many court sessions. I salute such people who insist on getting their rights back no matter how long it takes.

In the past, people waited for years until they got their rights back. With specialized administrative courts, the time spent in courts is shortened. These administrative courts help people to get justice from the service providers.

When people win cases against service providers and get compensated, then these agencies and organizations will be forced to improve their services and care for consumer rights in order to avoid lawsuits.

March 31, 2019
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