The tourist in Turkey and the New Zealand massacre



WHAT was the terrorist who killed many Muslims in New Zealand doing in Turkey before committing his crime in New Zealand? Who did he meet there?

Turkey did not reveal any information about his arrival to and departure from Istanbul. Why? Is Ankara trying to hide something? All these are legitimate questions.

The terrorist spent 45 days in Istanbul, the new base of the Muslim Brotherhood. How can we be convinced that someone who claims to hate Islam stays in a Muslim country for such a long time?

Newspapers in New Zealand dug up information on the movement of the mass murderer over the past two years. They asked why the terrorist went to Turkey and not to any other Muslim country? Was he working with a spy agency? Was he carrying out a task that was assigned to him? Was he a double agent? Did he go to Istanbul to attend some meetings related to the terrorist operation in New Zealand?

The answer is we are facing “The Party of Death”, which consists of security organs, illegal organizations and countries that finance such operations. This party controls the secret game that is going on in the world. It controls the extremist organizations and parties and makes them do what it wants for its own benefits.

Today’s Istanbul is similar to the Beirut of the 1970s and 80s when it was the capital of global intelligence and the favorite rendezvous of terrorist organizations. At that critical juncture of the Middle East history, the streets, cafes and hotels of Beirut were the battlefield for multiple regional and international intelligence organs working against one another but had certain common interests.

Since the fall of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party in the US and the diminishing role of Western intelligence organizations in international events, especially in inciting ethnic rifts between Sunnis and Shiites, between Muslims and Hindus and finally between Muslims and Christians, we lived in peace for three years in a world where the role of intelligence agencies had diminished and the number of terrorist operations decreased.

Choosing New Zealand was deliberate and based on accurate calculations. It is a Western country with a small Muslim community. It is not like Europe. Therefore, pulling off a terrorist operation in New Zealand would be limited and controllable unlike carrying out a similar operation in France or the United Kingdom where the repercussions would have been huge.

Since World War II, the role of intelligence organs had increased, especially during the Cold War. The two superpowers decided to take their battle to places of friction just like what happened in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Cuba and Afghanistan. These countries have been the battleground for proxy wars between the two superpowers.

If you want to know who was behind the New Zealand massacre, you have to rack your brains and remember who financed Al-Qaeda and Daesh and who stopped financing them three years ago.

Intelligence agencies work to incite conflicts and benefit from them. They spend billions of dollars on chasing enemies that do not exist. They want to take us back to the pre-Daesh era so that they can create a new terrorist organization that will kill the dreams of development in the Arab region.