Grandeur and glory mark impressive IISJ graduation ceremony


Saudi Gazette

The graduation ceremony of International Indian School Jeddah (IISJ) for its outgoing class 12 students was held on Saturday in an impressive ceremony, marked with grandeur and glory.

Dressed in their ceremonial gowns, a total of 451 boy and girl students received their course completion certificates in the presence of their proud parents and mentors at the packed Boy’s Section Auditorium.

Indian Consul General Mohammed Noor Rahman Sheikh was the chief guest in the ceremony in which the distinguished guests included Dr. Nazneen Rahman Sheikh, Member of the Higher Board Abdul Gafoor Danish, and Farida Bano Danish. Prominent members of the Indian community, media persons, parents, teachers and the school staff were also present on the occasion, which was replete with inspiring speeches of dignitaries on how to build a successful career in future, and luminous experiences of student leaders on how they have reached that level par excellence.

In his keynote speech, the Consul General underscored the significance of holding fast to values in all walks of life. “Grades and marks are not everything, but the most important is character, discipline and integrity. Always strive to become good human beings and dedicate yourself in serving humanity with a focus on what is required for the betterment of the humanity,” he said.

The consul general infused confidence among the graduates who are going to sit for their 12th class AISSC Exam of Central Board of Secondary Education within a couple of days by saying, “take the pressures of exam easily”. He asked them to learn from failures. “You must work hard to realize your dreams, and always follow your heart.”

In his inspiring speech, Danish urged the children to play an active role in the society. “You are the builders of the nation and hence make a wise choice in life. Don’t let negativism control you but play a role that may enhance the quality of People’s lives,” he said. Danish commended the school officials and the teachers for their persistent efforts in improving the school’s academic standard, year after year.

The program commenced with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Qur’an by Rashad Mirza and its translation by Maz Yonus.

Dr. Najeeb Qais, the principal in charge, welcomed the gathering while Vice Principal of the Girls’ Section Farah proposed the vote of thanks. In his speech, Qais congratulated the young graduates and stressed on the need of shouldering the responsibility of an enlightened citizen. While wishing a bright future for the graduating students, he advised them to keep up high spirits and believe in themselves.

“Now onwards the responsibilities on your shoulders are doubled, as on one hand, you have to excel in your career and on the other hand, you have to accomplish your duties towards the members of your family and the society at large,” he added.

The farewell speeches of the Head Boy Farhan Mohammed Faheem and the Head Girl Hania Ayesha were greeted by a thunderous applause from the audience. Their speeches were an epitome of their excellent track record as leaders and exemplary models of about 12,000 schoolmates in many respects. They reminded their fellow schoolmates that it is in this very institution that they have learned to spread their wings and soar high in the sky of excellence.

They paid glowing tribute to their teachers, school officials and their parents and thanked them profusely for their love, care and guidance, while reminiscing their school life. They also pledged to bring honor and laurels to their alma mater.

In his emotional speech, the Head Boy Faheem recalled the painful days through which they passed during the IISJ campus crisis. He thanked all the IISJ community for taking pains with strenuous efforts to bring back the IISJ campus to them. Addressing his fellow graduates, he said: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So explore, dream and discover.”

In her speech, the Head Girl Ayesha said: “We must strive hard to be good human beings in our lives”.

Earlier, the Students’ Cabinet gave a floral welcome to the guests of the evening. Bursting with pride, all student graduates marched forward to receive their certificates for completing their course of studies in the presence of their parents, family members as well as the entire staff of 9-12 Block. A short video titled “The Year That Was,” prepared by Maaz Younus and Zahid Omer, gave a glimpse of the memorable moments students had in their last year of schooling and how the year had left its indelible mark on their lives.

Sumaiya P M, Sameena K. Jamali, Bushra Zaidi and Amena Khatoon Ali Zai anchored the event.