Staying healthy is good for you


Although similar words of advice have been floating around for a while in one form or the other, it is good to repeat them every now and then to help all of us keep our health in check. I had these words taped unobtrusively to the front of my fridge for some time, but a recent contribution from a reader prompted me to take a closer look. These are natural foods; herbs and roots that help us combat most maladies.

Insomnia: Honey is good to combat this condition, although it may not help very much if you have a civil service appointment the following morning.

Headache: Eat lots of fish. The oil in them prevents headaches. Ginger helps as well in reducing inflammation and pain. Trying to get a reservation on a flight to anywhere in summer however does not.

Arthritis: Fish again, and lots of it. Salmon, tuna and plenty of sardines. It would also be of great benefit if you cease your practice of parking your vehicle right on the steps of the establishment you are visiting and walk a bit. Loosen up those old bones!

Upset stomach: Your contract is up for renewal, your iqama may have expired, your spouse is unhappy, and you think something would help? Try bananas with a glass of milk. Ginger will also relieve those afflicted with morning sickness and nausea.

Bladder infections: Stop using tap water! The Water Company is adamant that we store our water rations in underground fetid reservoirs. Use lots of cranberry juice, which control bacteria.

Coughing: Mask yourself with a handkerchief or some tissue paper every time you go out in public. Some people do not cover their coughing spasms, especially in elevators or crowded areas. If that fails, use lots of red pepper. It may cause you an upset stomach, but at least your cough will be under control.

Diarrhea: That shawarma you had at Abu Shaker’s last night may have been the culprit. Or was it the city water? But don’t lose hope. Grate the skin of an apple, let it turn brown, and chew it slowly.

High blood pressure: Stop driving, or being driven! But if you have to, munch down some celery stalks with olive oil. Both contain something or the other to lower blood pressure.

Blood sugar imbalance: All those sweets are killers. Add to them the sedentary lifestyle and the daily stresses, and you’ve got a problem. Get a bunch of broccoli and peanuts. George Bush Sr. may not have liked broccoli very much, but he wasn’t driving here now, was he? And peanuts aren’t for monkeys alone!

Ulcers: Your kid is out of school and unemployed and you are behind on most of your bills. So, what should you do? Eat cabbage and lots of it. It helps heal gastric and other forms of ulcers. It will not get you financially ahead though.

Colds: Eat garlic. Raw is better. But please stay away from me when you do. If you have to, do it early in the morning when you have to visit civil service departments. It may jolt those sleepy heads into action.

Memory problems: Zinc is very beneficial. So is peace of mind. You can try Sudoku as well to sharpen those little grey cells.

Depression and anxiety: Treat yourself to cornflakes. Yes, cornflakes the cereal! Works more naturally than Prozac or Valium.

And finally, to combat strokes, down gallons of tea. Tea tears down those fatty deposits on your arterial walls from too many shawarmas and local sweets.

Remember. Staying healthy is just good for you!

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