World Government Summit in Dubai!


I do not know the number of conferences and forums that I have been invited to attend throughout my life. Many of them were held for public relations purposes. However, there is one place that excels in the industry of holding conferences and forums and that is Dubai, which harnesses all of its energy and resources to make these events the best in the world.

One of the most important conferences held in Dubai has become a model for similar events around the world. This is the World Government Summit, a forum for new and distinctive ideas and for presenting the most successful governmental management experiences from around the world. The summit is a laboratory that presents the most important future ideas that provide innovative solutions to the difficult problems faced by governments and peoples.

The summit attracts the most important minds and well-known names from around the world to discuss how governments can manage themselves more effectively in order to provide a better life for their people.

The recent four-day World Government Summit was attended by an important group of politicians, economists, academics, scientists and media professionals. The event was a unique workshop of creative ideas and brainstorming. Amazing ideas came from outside the box and the “comfort zone”. The first beneficiary of this unique event is Dubai itself, as it is always the first to rush to implement the proposed ideas, establishing its reputation as a friendly government promoting decent living and thus increasing its value in the minds of people.

This type of event, if it does not directly and effectively concern the lives of people and contribute to improving the relationship between governments and people merely becomes an opportunity for theoretical review and a public relations exercise.

The shape of government will change in the future and its role will be restructured in light of the development of modern technology and communication tools and the growing partnership between the private sector and the public sector.

Moreover, new and updated standards of measurement and evaluation must be taken into consideration. They monitor the quality of government performance in areas such as environmental compliance, customer satisfaction, etc.

Governments in their traditional form must be restructured to keep abreast of developments. Governments that realize this early and well will be more able to meet the challenges proactively and relieve the frustrations of the people.