SENSES Exhibit par excellance

February 07, 2019
Abdul Rahman M. Baig

Saudi Gazette

Art was redefined and recreated when a Jeddah-based artist and graphic designer Juhi Nadeem Shad put her imaginative prowess into a concrete form and created a platform named SENSE which is a team of creative individuals who excel in the portrayal of different art forms that mesmerize the senses.

Shad formed this platform in 2018 for an event that was held in Novotel Jeddah. Shad recruited six talented artists who shared a similar vision, to leave their mark on the art scene of Jeddah.

The name of the team is more than just a word; it is what the members of SENSES thrive upon. Artists don’t just use paints and brushes to create art but they also use all of their senses to put soul in their work.Just like human beings have different senses, this team has unique members, who have different styles and artworks.

These members include Afshan Afzal who works with Oil Paints to create artworks which are breath-taking. She creates picture perfect images, Juhi Shad (Mix Media prowess and Whimsical art with a lot of colors is her forte, along with some comic art on the side.), Kehkashan Khalid who creates Iridescent Alloys and breath-taking abstract art that leaves mesmerizing effect, Kulsoom Kahkashan (Amazing Abstract and Mix Media art can be found by this great artist. She is best known for her hand made and DIY pieces of art.), Saman Khan whose Oil and Acrylic Painting are her strong suites. Her style is very sophisticated and refined. Sameea Muhammad Rahat , a master in her field is a talented Quranic calligrapher and known for her delicate handwork and attention to detail. Zainab Mumtaz who creates gorgeous Traditional Geometrical Designs that with leave you mesmerized and wanting for more, along with her beautiful abstract work.

Most of these artists are considered as amateurs in creative world but their creations exhibit their extraordinary talent and their understanding of the spirit of colors and their impact on the senses of the viewers.undoubtedly these artists are inspiration for young and budding artists. SENSES has given hope to hundreds of new and talented artists to pursue their dream.

“You don’t need to have a certificate to create Art you just need passion and a canvas,” said Juhi Shad

SENSES organized a casual display under the title “Enrich your senses” on January 5 at Novotel in cooperation with Novotel management. This show was not just the first display of SENSES as a team, but it was one of a kind. It was organized for an American Kabayan food fest that took place at the Hotel. Enrich Your Senses was more than just a display it was an interactive show, where guests could engage with the artworks, not just by sight but also by touch, smell and communication.

The display was divided into three sub categories which included ‘Read and Observe’ that was all about calligraphy and traditional designs, where people could have a glimpse of the beautiful local art. This was followed by ‘What Do You See?” Which was a mesmerizing collection of Abstract Art, where visitors couldn’t help but stare at the million possibilities that every painting portrayed. Every person saw something unique in each artwork. And finally the third category was‘Mind of a Dreamer’. In this last category, guests where presented with ‘Wonder Lands’ from the minds of the artists. A collection where it showed nature as part of a dreamy landscape and where people got lost in the colorful world of Imagination.

For the members of SENSES it was a productive experience of a lifetime. “It was an awe-inspiring experience to see these amazing artworks by fellow artists in Jeddah” said Afshan. Juhi Shad said “even though it was a casual display but WOW! what a show it was. Big thanks to Novotel for such an amazing opportunity and to the wonderful team of SENSES, THANK YOU!”

“It was an amazing experience as I was displaying my work for the first time in Jeddah. Looking forward for more such chances to display my passion”, said Saman

“It’s my mission to bring the Quranic Verses to the audience in a lively and attractive manner so that the relationship of humanity is further strengthened with the holy scripture,” said Sameera. To Kehkashan ‘Enrich Your Senses’ display gave me the chance to introduce augmented reality art to Saudi Arabia. A live interaction of digital art and traditional art which not only defines my work but also the age of social media we live in!”

“Creativity takes courage... and us Jeddawis are blessed with it... I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity,” concluded Kulsoom.

February 07, 2019
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