She conquered fear of heights to become first Saudi female aerobatic pilot

February 02, 2019
Adwa Al-Dakheel
Adwa Al-Dakheel

By Amal Al-Saeed

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

— She was scared of heights, but she wanted to conquer her fears. So she took training to become a pilot at the second biggest aviation school in New England, Boston, US.

Adwa Al-Dakheel became the first Saudi female aerobatic pilot.

Talking about her flying experience with a colleague, she said, “During training as a commercial pilot my colleague stopped the aircraft engine while flying very high, the plane started descending very fast. But just before hitting the ground my colleague restarted the engine and took off. This adrenalin-gushing experience kindled my interest in flying.”

She said her second flight alone was the most difficult one as she did not have enough practical experience.

Recounting her experience, she said, “While landing, the wind speed suddenly changed. So she aborted landing and based on her earlier experience with her colleague she took off again and later made a swift landing.”

Her most enjoyable flights are between Jeddah and Rabigh.

Adwa is an award winning poet, an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a stock analyst, winner of 3 Capital Trading Market competitions, a professional guitarist, a Squash champion.

February 02, 2019
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