Conference highlights Egypt as an attractive tourist destination


RIYADH — Egyptians in Riyadh held “Egypt Safe and Secure” conference on Thursday, which was attended by Egypt consul in Riyadh Dr. Ehab Abdel-Hamid, cultural attaché Dr. Ashraf Al Azazy, labor consul Dr. Yasser Ghazi and diverse Saudi and Egyptian personnel.

Adel Hanafy, spokesperson and deputy president of the board of directors of Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia, said “Egypt is currently enjoying enormous potential for further growth while seeking to build a diversified economy, liberalize and develop tourism and investment, making it a safe attractive destination for investment and tourism, amongst economic and political crisis in the region.”

“Egypt is distinguished by its unique tourist infrastructure like no other in the world, advanced logistics, modern and developed roads of modern and sophisticated methods in addition to prominent demographic factors,” he added.

In the first days of 2019, the Egyptian people witnessed happy events; the inauguration of Al Fathah Al Alim Mosque, and the Cathedral of Jesus Christ, Egypt winning the organizing of the African Cup of Nations and footballer Mohamed Salah named as the best player in Africa for the second consecutive year.

“It is a new year that carries lots of goodness for Egypt, a year in which we compile achievements, and raise Egypt’s emblems over giant projects characterized by the era of President Abdul Fattah El Sisi, which launched a new era of stability, renaissance and development, improving standards of living, health and education,” he said.

Khaled Othman, secretary of Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia, stressed how Egypt is the oasis of security and safety. Moreover the role of President El Sisi in prevailing security and establishment of mega national projects was stressed.

Tourism expert Hussain Hatata explained that hotels occupancy rates in Egypt are almost full and that Egypt hosting of Africa Cup of Nations will raise tourism rates in Egypt. Hatata added that international reports confirm that Egypt will be among the top 7 economics in the world in 2030.

Saudi producer, writer and actor Abdullah Al Amer called for Saudi tourists to visit Egypt where procedures are facilitated for all Gulf tourists and to those who accompany them to Egypt. He also said that Saudi tourists are 30% of Arab tourists who visit Egypt and that Gulf tourists top Arab visitors to Egypt.