Is Saudi Arabia going to seek its rights?



FINALLY the Washington Post revealed the mystery behind a sponsored campaign against the Kingdom through a series of articles written by the late Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi and its direct connection with Qatar Foundation International, which was supervised by Maggie Mitchell, a political, media and intelligence agent. It was also revealed that she was directly connected to that institution.

The Washington Post was behind the fall of Richard Nixon from the US presidency after the Watergate scandal. It is hard to believe that this giant media institution was misused for more than a year without the management knowing the background of Khashoggi's articles, their main objectives and who was behind them.

Of course, they knew all these but they chose to reveal the details after Khashoggi's disappearance and the huge campaign against Saudi Arabia and its crown prince. Will the story end there? Are we going to accept to be an easy target of such a malicious campaign, which was orchestrated by a media institution controlled by the Qatari money?

Now there is solid evidence against Qatar Foundation to prove that it was plotting and leading the campaign against the Kingdom in the Washington Post in the form of letters exchanged between the institution's manager and Khashoggi with the knowledge of the newspaper's management.

It is within the Kingdom's right to legally confront the Qatari institution and demand its right because of this conspiracy. Saudi Arabia also has the right to sue the newspaper because it was a party to this conspiracy.

The Qataris will not stop using the media they control to harm the Kingdom. If Saudi Arabia does not act to put an end to this Qatari campaign, then they will not stop launching more campaigns against the Kingdom, since it is easy to buy outside help with the huge Qatari wealth. Are we going to seek our rights and punish the perpetrators of this campaign?