Review the process for recruiting domestic workers


Al-Madinah newspaper

I call upon the Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ahmad Bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, to review the issue of recruitment companies. These companies have grown wealthy at the expense of simple people who are forced to deal with them in order to recruit domestic help the legal way. Who would believe that a citizen would have to pay these recruitment companies SR9,600 in advance in order to sign a contract with a domestic worker?

Recruitment companies are supposed to be the perfect solution that will motivate citizens to adhere to rules and regulations and to dissuade them from dealing with illegal housemaids. However, these companies have actually proved to be nothing but a burden added to the other economic burdens of Saudi families.

I am confident that the minister, who is hardworking and has made positive achievements that are benefiting the country, will solve this issue and fix many of the mistakes that have been made in the recruitment process for domestic helpers.

I hope that the ministry will review the regulations governing recruitment companies and make changes in the recruitment process so that Saudi citizens will be able to deal with these companies in a way that is fair and uncomplicated.

Recruitment companies are an inheritance from past policies governing the employment of expatriate workers in the Kingdom. There is no shame in the existence of such companies, but the problem is in the unfair contracts that are imposed on Saudi citizens who must use these companies to recruit domestic helpers.