Saudi Vision 2030 closely aligned with core G20 objectives

December 02, 2018

Buenos Aires — Saudi Arabia joined the G20 Troika, a three-member country committee chaired by Japan, the current presidency; Argentina, the previous presidency; and Saudi Arabia, the future presidency in 2020, said a G20 press release.

The Troika was established to ensure that previous, current and subsequent G20 presidencies work hand-in-hand to achieve consistency and continuity of the group’s agenda.

The G20 press release said, “Since the announcement of the 2020 G20 Saudi presidency at the 2017 G20 Hamburg Summit, the Kingdom commenced a whole of government approach for its presidency’s preparation.

“The G20 Saudi Secretariat was established to coordinate efforts, with the aim of pursuing a progressive agenda that advances the Group’s accomplishments and priorities across global economic and developmental fronts.

“Saudi Arabia will capitalize on its regional and international roles to engage with G20 members, invited countries, civil societies, and international and regional organizations to incorporate diverse viewpoints that reach policy recommendations addressing current and emerging global challenges impacting societies and economies throughout the world.”

The press release said that the “G20 Saudi Arabia presidency will include a multitude of meetings, throughout the year of its presidency, for ministers, deputies, working groups and other stakeholders with the aim of building broad consensus on policy proposals that address G20 topics. These meetings will be crowned by the G20 Leaders’ Summit.”

“Saudi Arabia is undergoing major economic and social transformation guided by its Vision 2030, which is closely aligned with core G20 objectives of achieving macroeconomic stability, sustainable development, women empowerment, enhanced human capital, and increased flow of trade and investment,” the press statement said.

December 02, 2018
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