Ending the Qatar crisis


Okaz newspaper

The four countries boycotting Qatar have stressed the need for the Gulf country to comply with their demands and conditions. However, the Qatari regime has done nothing but the opposite, providing further proof that the boycott of Qatar was a wise decision.

Qatar has conducted a secret war against the four boycotting countries in the international arena in an attempt to defame their reputation and mobilize international human rights organizations and media against them. Qatari media outlets, led by Al-Jazeera, have continued a vicious campaign against the four countries and their interests.

Meanwhile, the four boycotting countries have done nothing except to close the door from one side to prevent the Qatari harm from reaching them, without attempting to target the interests of Qatar.

Qatar has not concentrated on itself and the interests of its own people, but has instead mobilized all of its efforts, energy and money to intensify the war against the boycotting countries. It has stuck its nose into the Yemeni war and the case of Jamal Khashoggi as if it were a party to such matters.

The four boycotting countries have succeeded in preventing that harm from reaching them. Since the start of the boycott, terrorist operations have stopped and the activities of the military and political opposition have diminished after finance channels were exposed and blocked.

In the recent visit of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman to Egypt, both countries stressed the importance of Qatar complying with the demands of the four countries in order to end this crisis. There is no desire to prolong this boycott but the Qatari side has not provided its neighbors with any evidence of its intention to repair its relationship with them. On the contrary, it has intensified its vicious campaign and targeted the interests of its neighbors and worked against them at all levels. The way Al-Jazeera channel has dealt with the Khashoggi case only serves to prove that Qatar will not comply with the conditions of its neighbors.