10 Saudi women hold internationally recognized diving licenses

October 13, 2018

By Muhammad Al-Abdullah

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

There are now 10 Saudi women divers who hold internationally recognized diving licenses.

Female Saudi diving guide and first aid trainer Maryam Al-Muallim told Okaz/Saudi Gazette Saturday that women can practice diving like any other sport.

Al-Muallim, who faced many obstacles due to society’s reservations about women practicing such a sport, said Saudi women are receiving support and encouragement now with the change in perception.

As to how the female members of the diving team can get training, she said they can join specialist training courses provided by trainers licensed by internationally recognized organizations.

Speaking about the areas they prefer for diving, Al-Muallim said a diver is always attracted by beautiful marine topography, fish and other marine life.

She said the Red Sea has a great diversity of beautiful marine life. As to the most important requirements for diving in the Kingdom, she said: “At present, there are no complications. Women divers can obtain their licenses after completing the required training and then practice the sport.”

Al-Muallim said diving gives peace of mind and tranquility.

She said Saudi women are capable of joining any field of life. With determination and hard work, they can achieve great success.

She stressed that women must abide by customs and traditions and comply with safety rules.

October 13, 2018
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