Safety at beach


Saudi Gazette

Who doesn’t like the sound of waves crashing the shores and making sand castles at the beach! Fishing and having BBQ on the beach is considered one of the most beautiful and memorable family picnic time by everyone.

We have many beautiful beaches in Saudi Arabia. Some are better for swimming because they have lifeguards on duty. Lifeguards are always around in case anyone gets into trouble.

We need to keep ourselves protected and safe wherever we are. It is still hot, and summer is not going anywhere. When you are busy having fun at the beach, do you keep yourself safe?

• Always swim with an adult.

• Never swim alone.

• Swim within the swimming boundaries — You will either see red flags or drums to let you know that the water is deep after it.

• Make sure the sea you go in is clean. People throw away bottles, plastic and tins in water, which can harm you during swimming

• Don’t swim after dark because it will be hard for anyone to help you then.

• Don’t swim near big rocks as you could get bashed into them if a big waves come.

• If you know you are not a good swimmer; wear life jacket and stay close to the shore.

• Drink lots of water while you are on the beach, as the sun takes it away through sweating.

• Stay out of the sun between 11am to 3 pm.

• Apply sunscreen after you have been to water.

• If you feel like fishing on the beach, don’t do it alone. Make sure you have a safe place to stand and hold on to something.

• Do not disturb the sea creatures — you could be stung by jellyfish or nipped by a crab.

• If you have eaten something, rest for at least half an hour before going back into water.

• Put on your shades when you are out of water to protect your eyes from the sun.

• Protect your feet from rocks on the rocky beach by wearing an old pair of sandshoes.