flynas unveils ‘Your Smile Inspires Generations’ plan

September 05, 2018

flynas, the Saudi national air carrier and leading low-cost airline in the Middle East, has launched the “Your Smile Inspires Generations” initiative which aims at motivating professors at universities and teachers at schools to smile to students.

This initiative follows the success of “Smile for a More Beautiful Hajj” Initiative that was launched recently as a part of flynas’ public initiative to enhance the culture of smiling that aims at promoting humanitarian values in our society.

In this regard, Ahmad Al-Musained, Director General of Corporate Communication and Spokesperson of flynas, confirmed that the launch of such initiatives stems from our strategy objectives to promote values in the society. He added that “Your Smile Inspires Generations” initiative aims to encourage teachers to develop their professional performance and mechanism of dealing with students to motivate them to study in order to succeed and excel.

Winners of vouchers worth SR 1,000 each will be selected from the most frequent teacher names on flynas’ twitter account via answering this question: Which teacher or doctor smiles at you the most? — SG

September 05, 2018
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