Get ready for the changes

June 20, 2018
Get ready for the changes

Noura Mohammed

Okaz newspaper

LIFE is a series of natural and spontaneous changes, according to a famous quote. Nothing remains stable in our life. We have noticed that many professions have disappeared in this age as a result of technological advancement and new jobs have come to the fore.

We have seen the style of some professions changed completely. Modern technology has contributed to discarding some professions, reducing expenditures, creating new means of production and improving the quality of work and products.

Saudi Arabia has won international awards for developing e-government systems that have cancelled the job of a muaqib (liaison officer) who used to visit government departments to complete various procedures and follow up applications of individuals and companies.

Technological progress had its positive impact on trade and services. We have noticed a remarkable fall in the number of travel and tourism offices as people log onto websites of airlines and hotels to make reservations and purchase tickets. They need not visit travel offices.

Passengers need not stand in queue at airline counters at airports to get boarding passes like before as they can obtain them from kiosks. You can even select your seat and food on board the aircraft electronically without resorting to the assistance of a travel agent.

We have also observed considerable fall in the number of studios after mobile cameras reduced their relevance and need. Cell phone companies are now competing with one another to produce devices having more advanced cameras and screens.

Telephone cabins have disappeared completely as a result of rampant use of mobile phones. Previously people were depending on these cabins to make national and international calls. People can now make such calls — even video calls — free of charge using some apps.

MP3s have replaced cassettes and CDs. MP3 technology helps in compressing a sound sequence into a very small file while preserving the original sound quality.

In the field of journalism, we have noticed major changes with the introduction of computers and information technology, which discarded jobs such as typesetters, proof readers, page designers and printers of news and articles.

We don’t how many more jobs will be thrown into the dustbin in the coming years as a result of technological progress. These changes give us the lesson that we have to be prepared to progress with the time and learn new professions.

We should also find time to develop our capabilities by learning new things required by modern age where electronic and industrial platforms make rapid development without limits.

The message I want to convey through this article is that we have to develop our personal skills and capabilities, sharpen our thoughts, bring changes to business ventures and contribute to developing thoughts and ideas. We should know that change is essential for life.

June 20, 2018
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