Plant trees to beat the heat

June 05, 2018
Plant trees to beat the heat
Marzooq Bin Tanbak

Makkah newspaper

THE people of Arabian Peninsula, who are surrounded by deserts, should be the first to search for trees in order to take shelter under their shade and enjoy their greenery and beauty. Environment represents not only trees having fruits and flowers but also all living creatures who take refuge under the shadow of trees. Trees and greenery soothe our eyes. Moreover they are a good source of food and are essential for life of human beings and other living creatures.

The search for a green and clean environment has become a global issue that draws more attention than other subjects. Political parties have been formed in some parts the world, calling themselves the Green party. There is no comparison between our desert and arid environment and countries having large areas of vegetation.

No doubt we are in dire need of greenery than the green Europe and we have to preserve trees and environment and all that live there including animals and plants.

In China, they say: “The perfect man is the one who writes a book, builds a house and plants a tree. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has forbidden cutting of trees, especially those in Makkah and Madinah, and has encouraged his followers to preserve them. Green trees provide shade and beauty, thus benefiting a large number of people. We should plant trees everywhere.

Jeddah city had once only one tree that was located at the House of Naseef. Many people like me knew about it and how its shade provided shelter to people who wanted to have protection from the scorching sun. Today Jeddah has changed as thousands of trees have been planted along its roads, streets and squares.

These trees and vast greeney have changed the city’s ecological balance, providing it a moderate climate with temperature dropping substantially. It has become a summer resort after Jeddawis used to run away from the city during summer due to unbearable heat.

I know the city of Buraidah during the time of Ibrahim Al-Belaihi who was responsible for the municipalities of Qassim region. He transformed the region, especially Buraidah into a singing forest and an oasis of greenery. He was interested in planting those trees that can grow in the desert surroundings. Unfortunately, after his departure his decedents did not give any importance to planting trees and establishing gardens. On the contrary, they destroyed the most beautiful gardens in the heart of desert giving flimsy reasons.

Recently there were calls to plant trees across the Kingdom to confront desertification and restore natural life. There were attempts to find more water required for irrigation of plants and trees. Dr. Hamad Al-Majed proposed the use of ablution water for irrigation purpose, especially to water trees around the mosque.

Saudi Arabia, he says, has more than 100,000 mosques and if every mosque plants at least 50 trees we will have a total of five million trees that would definitely soften the atmosphere and encourage birds and animals to live there. These trees will also play a big role in cooling and purifying the air.

The idea will also reduce energy consumption and create environment friendly mosques across the country. Authorities must take this proposal seriously as people waste a lot of water in ablution and we can use this water for irrigating trees which can be planted around mosques without spending much money.

The ablution water is pure and need not be treated like sewage water to irrigate trees. This water can be diverted to trees around mosques to irrigate plants and trees in its vicinity.

June 05, 2018
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