Out Iran... free Iran!

May 15, 2018
Out Iran... free Iran!
Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

MANY wonder, what is the endgame with Iran? What does the United States want at the end of the day? What do Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries aim for? Why is Israel suddenly in the middle of the game? What are its ultimate goals? Does that mean Arabs are driven into a camp that includes the occupants of their Holy Land? Is it a part of so-called the “Deal of the Century”?

Those are valid questions. For some reason, some observers suspect that the leaders of all the above nations don’t know what they are doing! Understandably, they might be worried about Iran’s ambitions and behaviors, but have no idea where their newfound resolve may lead to! Iran-bashing, some political analysts claim, became a popular trend, albeit with no comprehensive plan or final purpose.

Reasons for such doubts and mistrust are many. On top of them are current and past inconsistencies, misjudgments and blind spots. Previous US administration did not grasp the danger Iran poses not only to its region, but the world beyond. Obama-Kerry strategy had bet, against all odds, that moderate forces were real in Iran, and they just needed strong support to change their regime from within.

Such wishful thinking ignored the fact that the regime is led by a unified, ideologically-driven leadership. Like in Nazi Germany, Marxist Soviet Union, Fascist Italy and Imperialist Japan, the ultimate power is in the hands of a sole dictator, with a handpicked team of extreme ideologists who never question their supreme leader!

Another reason, we must admit, is that Arabs are divided over the way they deal with the Iranian danger. Some have calculated it is not immediate, and there is still some room for maneuvering. Others follow the European example of appeasement, by leaving confrontation to future governments, and focusing on lucrative business opportunities. Arabs too, even in the Arabian Gulf, chose to ignore the immediate signs of danger, and Iran’s dirty businesses in neighbors’ grounds. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen were left on their own as they faced the cancerous Iranian expansion.

Even today, as Iran has put all its cards on the table and their present schemes and future plans are announced, some of us are playing with fire and dancing with the devil. They might think sharks are too far from their shores, or that they could play both parties by taking the Swiss stance of neutrality. Those ignorant dancers forget history lessons — when fire erupts in the neighborhood, no home is safe.

President Trump and his wiser team understood all these issues and appreciated what is at stake. They saw through the “Obamaian” appeasement logic, and Iranian “good cop, bad cop” drama. No more nativity and Mr. Nice Guy, they have decided, and found solid support from traditional allies, like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco and Jordan.

The flaws of the nuclear agreement became all too present and clear as Iran’s ballistic missiles’ program has been advanced and used against Saudi Arabia. Its research facilities are hidden in military bases. Its expansionist strategy reaches the Mediterranean Sea, the Arab Sea and Red Sea shores. Its new fronts encircle allies in Iraq, Israel and the Arabian Gulf. Most importantly to the civilized world, Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism has reached new heights, breadths and depths. Even if all went well with its nuclear deal, few years from now they would be free, and legitimized, to finish what they had started — a nuclear bomb.

Amazingly enough, even though Europe has more to lose in a doom day scenario, since Iran’s missiles’ range reaches all its cities, smart heads in London, Paris and Berlin still defend the flawed deal. Their motto seems to be: Live today, to hell with tomorrow!

Maybe we should give them a choice — either they may do business in Tehran or with us! You can’t side with our enemies, endanger our very existence and expect us to feed your greed. Fortunately for the world, we have wise and decisive leaders elsewhere: Donald Trump in America, King Salman in Saudi Arabia.

Iran deserves better governance, brighter future and a brand-new regime. We could help. The free world could help. With enough support, Iran’s people shall prevail.

At the same time, our drive to eliminate Iranian militias must proceed. Our “Decisive Storm” should continue to blow away their diseases from every Arab nation. Iran must get out ... and those failing to see the danger or are reluctant to join our campaign must pay their dues — no more free ride, no more free protection.

Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi is a Saudi writer based in Jeddah. He can be reached at kbatarfi@gmail.com. Follow him at Twitter:@kbatarfi

May 15, 2018
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