Saudi flag on German beer bottle cap disturbs Muslims

May 11, 2018

Saudi Gazette report

— Muslims around the world have taken issue with the flagrant disregard of a German firm, which used the Saudi Arabian flag with the “Kalimat Al-Tawheed” on the cap of its beer bottle, and have bombarded the social media about this irreverent act.

The Saudi Embassy in Berlin has also denounced the German company and has issued a statement saying it acted after being alerted of the issue through the social media, in which the news had become viral.

The picture of the disrespectful act by the company was circulating in the social media with the bottle’s cap shown with the Saudi flag. The German firm “Eichbaum”, located in Mannheim city, published the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the caps of one of its liquor products and triggered a firestorm of condemnation in Twitter.

Most of the tweets railed against the company for hurting Muslims’ sentiments and sought the withdrawal of this product. Nearly every tweet ended with them commanding the company to tender an apology.

#DostKhan in his tweet said: “In Germany an alcohol company Eichbaum Bier wrote Lailaheillallah Muhammad Rasulullah on the cap of the beer bottle to hurt muslims. Germany should take action & force this company to apologise for this actions or embrace (face) itself for all kinds of reaction from muslims.”

@abu3ween tweeted: “In the doctrine of Islam, alcohol is one of the greatest sins. Putting the slogan of Saudi Arabia on this product is an insult to the Islamic religion. Please change your product and make an apology.”

@Anthromarmalade in his tweet said: “Can you believe the insensitivity of the commercialists? Nothing is more important than selling their carcinogenic products and making a fast money (buck) at the expense of offending and destroying peoples health.”

A German lady tweeting in German with the handle @DoraGezwitscher tried to make light of the situation stating: “A private brewery in Eichman printed the flags of 32 countries on their beer cap in celebration of the World Cup. One of the printed flags is Saudi Arabia. And that has caused outrage.”

Some were pragmatic as was Abdullah Al-Amer who tweeted: “A judicial complaint must be lodged, the German company and the one who gave it permission should be taken to the court, named and shamed, and their names should be published in all international and local media.”

@SBOUALILI (Kibriya Untha — A proud female) in her tweet said: “Kalimat Al-Tawheed” is Saudi Arabia’s flag on the covers of beer bottles in preparation for the Russian Mondial. First it is impermissible because it is on a liquor bottle. Secondly, when the bottle is opened the cover is thrown away in the garbage bin.”

@slmaan51 (Jallad Shgurdi while replying to @Turki_alalshikh) said: “Peace be upon you, Your Excellency the adviser. Today the pictures of the liquor bottles went viral. They placed the Saudi flag when (with) “Allah and His Prophet” have (has) been mentioned on the flag. When people have finished drinking they will throw away the bottles’ cover (bearing the Saudi flag).”

As the debate raged in the social media, the Saudi Embassy in its statement said that it immediately contacted the German authorities concerned and expressed its rejection and denunciation of this act by the company for placing the Kingdom’s flag, which bears “Kalimat Al-Tawheed” that “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet”.

By doing this, the German company is desecrating “Kalimat Al-Tawheed” and is disrespecting the Saudi flag while sparking a provocation of Muslims’ feelings.

The embassy said it is in contact with the German Foreign Ministry and other authorities concerned to stop the product, withdraw it from the markets and get an apology for the company’s act.

May 11, 2018
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