First auto insurance claims center opens for women


Saudi Gazette

— The first auto insurance claims center for women opened here on Tuesday in preparation for the implementation of a royal decree allowing women to drive in June.

Salama Insurance’s senior executives inaugurated the new branch located in Al-Madinah Road.

The new insurance claims center, which is run by an all-female staff, aims to support women drivers and car owners.

“We’re proud to employ an entire staff of Saudi women in the call center, sales center, complaints center as well as in the branch,” said CEO of Salama Omar Al-Ajlani.

The center aims to support female clients who are going through a new experience, he added.

“Banks and telecom companies have had female branches for many years but this is the first time an insurance company has opened a female branch to the public,” he said.

The center offers different insurance packages.

It currently has 10 women employees and is planning to expand, according to Salama’s chief operating officer Ammar Ghorab.

Asked how many applicants are expected in the coming months, he said, “Currently there are no statistics but we’re doing research to identify the market share.”

Mirvat Halawani, who has been working in the sector for six years, will be heading the women’s branch.

“Services of car accidents claims and insurance claims will only be in effect once women will start driving,” she told Saudi Gazette.

“In the meantime, we’re working on raising awareness on the importance of car insurance and the types of insurance available. We are also offering counseling and brochures to guide female clients.” “It’s time to open the doors to women who have any concerns or inquiries about the steps of insuring a car. Women would be more comfortable going to a female branch,” Halawani said.