Growing crimes in Jeddah’s Aziziyah area irk residents

May 01, 2018

Abdullah Rajeh Al-Abdali

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH – The central Aziziyah district, with all its haphazard and unplanned mushrooming, is home to thousands of expatriate families, especially Pakistanis and Indians.

Many illegal workers, who violate the Kingdom’s labor and residency regulations, use Aziziyah’s old and abandoned homes as their hideouts and engage in illegal activities.

Speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette, Mamoun Nabhan, a Syrian, complained about poor cleanliness of the district, although the municipality has contracted with a cleaning company.

“Some expats throw their waste in abandoned enclosures instead of putting them in garbage boxes, making the district a breeding ground for rats and mosquitoes,” he said.

Abdul Aziz Abdulkareem, a Saudi, spoke about the presence of many expatriates, especially those from African countries like Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia. “Some of these Africans attack people late in the night and grab money and valuables from their victims,” he said.

He said these thieves exploit absence of security patrol to engage in various crimes.

“They run away when they see an approaching police vehicle,” Abdulkareem said.

Syed Ahmed, an expat, said many foreign workers live in the district with their families due to availability of flats at comparatively lower rents.

Groups of bachelors live jointly in houses that are available for a rent of SR1,400, with each one paying SR140.

Many Saudis, who felt insecurity, have moved to other secure districts. Some illegal expats have turned many abandoned homes into hideouts for criminal activities.

Fahd Al-Zahrani said many foreign workers wander in the streets late in the night. “The district has become notorious for crimes and illegal activities,” he pointed out.

Abdullah Al-Barakati said some youths have transformed the district’s narrow corridors as places for resting and chatting late in the night without being noticed by security officials.

Faisal Al-Hejari is one of the Saudis who is planning to move out of Aziziyah due to growing crimes and illegal activities of expats. “But my economic situation does not permit me to leave.”

Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi said the district lacked many essential services.

“Illegal expats have made the district a hideout for their operations. Many intruders have settled in the district exploiting absence of a security net,” he pointed out.

A number of mad people wander in the streets of Aziziyah, threatening public security and safety, especially safety of women and children. Some illegal foreign workers in the district engage in drug trafficking targeting Saudi and foreign youth.

May 01, 2018
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