Men’s Fashion — What You Should Be Wearing Right Now


Saudi Gazette

This trend has made its way into 2018 and is in full force, now stronger than ever. Designers have really let go and are leaving the understated where it belongs- in the past. It is all about allowing your personality to shine through these groovy Hawaiian camp collar open-neck shirts. And yes, they can be loud, extravagant and indulgent, but so is happiness.

Whether you wear it to the beach with flip-flops or a under a jacket with trainers, the striking camp collar shirts are hard to ignore. The vocabulary of design is also evolving. From Gucci, Paul Smith to Prada, the brands are feasting on eclectic and trippy designs. These include geometric, one-motif inspired or comic-book prints on different fabrics. Taking its cue from an eclectic mix of eras and movies like Leonardo Di Caprio in Romeo and Juliet, the shirts have come a long way from the 50’s.

Check out some of our favorite looks this season.