Sharjah Heritage Days combines heritage and technology


Saudi Gazette

SHARJAH — Heritage and modern technology were juxtaposed at the Sharjah Heritage Days (SHD).

The E-Turath section in SHD event located in the heart of Sharjah contains two technologies which are the 360-degree virtual reality and the Touch and Throw technology

The 360-degree virtual reality presents mementos and items owned by Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, ruler of Sharjah.

Visitors can try the 360-degree VR at E-Turath to get immersed in the Arabian Heritage Center exhibition located in the University City of Sharjah.

The exhibited items owned by Sheikh Sultan Al-Qasimi are received mostly from presidents, kings, and princes.

The Arabian Heritage Center is a great exhibition for individuals passionate about cultures and heritage.

It contains wedding dresses of UAE and GCC countries, traditional clothes of many cities in Levant and Mesopotamia, traditional clothes and swords of North Africa, and many other items.

Visitors of SHD can either view these items at E-Turath using the VR or enter the actual exhibition of the Arabian Heritage Center at the University of Sharjah for free during the work hours.

As for the Touch and Throw technology, visitor can press the desired logo of a certain event on the screen and the visitor will get information in Arabic as well as English.

The events presented are organized by Sharjah Institute for Heritage which includes Sharjah Heritage Days, World Cultural Heritage Weeks in Sharjah, Nisf Sha’ban Celebration, Sharjah International Narrator Forum, and Sharjah International Award for Cultural Heritage.

The Sharjah Institute for Heritage, the organizer of Sharjah Heritage Days, recently launched the Sharjah Institute for Heritage application for Android devices and will soon launch it for iOS as well. It contains many subjects including news and events organized by the institution.

Sharjah Heritage Days is an annual event to regain the authenticity of the past and allow the new generation to be acquainted with the history of their grandfathers and the history of their lives which includes handicrafts, trades, customs, and traditions. — SG