PISJ-ES displays an ‘Early Childhood Show’


Saudi Gazette

— Early Childhood Show truly delineates the uniqueness, curiosity and creativity of our young scholars, manifesting the children’s maximum potential to display their talent, enshrouded in academic disposition, said Adnan Nasir, principal, Pakistan International School Jeddah - English Section (PISJ-ES) recently at a Kindergarten event organized at the school auditorium with great pomp.

He added, “Endorsing to the ideology that children are the future of our world and education is the key to unleash the fathomable cosmos of intellect, talent and aptitude in these little souls, we strive to provide an environment which motivates a life-long love for learning. Students’ unobtrusive expressions and heartfelt emotions were the true reflection of a healthy generation in its preparatory phase.”

The principal appreciated the entire team of the junior school for putting up such an amazing show, since, all the components of the event including costumes, musical demonstrations, props, play scripts, stage appearance, music support were very well-coordinated and executed.

A large number of community members, including guests, students, faculty members and parents, thronged the venue to attend the event, which was received with immense enthusiasm and fervor. The formal proceedings of the program commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an, followed by the national anthems of both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The little angels enthralled the audience with their matchless confidence imbued with natural innocence, outstanding performances and flawless dialogue delivery. Each recital was the perfect depiction of their moral and ethical learning alongside the academic knowledge as at one stance, they were witnessed to extend gratitude to their Creator for His endless blessings, while on the other side they were seen to present a heart touching tribute to their parents.

Moreover, they highlighted some of the grave societal issues like impact of social media in our lives, importance of all existents in a circle of life, effects of deforestation, the concept of 3 Rs ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, cultural diversity and patriotism.

The buzz of the chirpy day came to an end with the message to ‘make the world a better place for everyone.’