300 art works put on display during Makkah school exhibition


Saudi Gazette

MAKKAH — About 500 female students of Al-Thamina High Shool for Memorization of the Holy Qur’an participated in a Creativity Exhibition held in Makkah recently.

The event was attended by Assistant Director of Educational Affairs Rahma Al-Qahtani, Assistant Director of Extracurricular Activities Jamal Al-Saeedi, Al-Thamina High Shool Supervisor Wafa Al-Shamrani, Art Activities Head Samira Shahrkhani as well as students and a number of female teachers. Around 300 art works were put on display during the exhibition.

The exhibition seeks to explore and hunt artistic talent and develop the skills of the students, Al-Saeedi said.

“We want introduce the public to talented students who have shown great artistic capabilities and skills. We also wanted to shed light on the school’s hard work and dedication to encouraging students to take up art as a hobby and show their talents and skills to the world and get creative and innovative. Some of the students who participated in the exhibition are still in the elementary grade school,” she added

Al-Saeedi gave awards to exhibition supervisor Ebtisam Al-Amr and Al-Shamrani, the school supervisor and a number of students and participants.