Legend of Ghalib celebrated in Jubail Mushaira


Saudi Gazette

— Mirza Ghalib, the legendary poet-philosopher of 19th Century India, was given a tribute by celebrating his poetry, philosophy and other works during a Mushaira (Poetic Session) held at SADAF beach Camp in Jubail Industrial City and hosted by the Bhopal NRIs Forum last week.

The evening witnessed Urdu poetry in its all glory and majesty and unfolded its true character symbolizing India’s plurality and its unity in diversity. The evening was not just a tribute to Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib but to the rich Indian ethos which assimilated all cultures and religion and evolved one true nation united by its diversity and pluralism.

Some very prominent poets from India, Malaysia, the UAE and the Kingdom paid tribute to the legend of Ghalib in their own little way. The greatness of Ghalib lies in his versatility, which spanned from spirituality, to philosophy, existentialism, prose, satire and even humor. He was one poet who on one hand was a court poet during the reign of Bahadur Shah Zafar then on the other hand was the embodiment of common man suffering the plight of a decaying economy. At one time he sat next to the emperor as an elite and on another occasion slept overnight in jail as a commoner.

The evening reflected all shades of the legend who is unparalleled in global history of literature. He is among those components of Urdu literature who took poetry from the court and the dancing rooms of the city to the streets and by-lanes of Delhi.

Poet after poet and academicians poured their heart out to shed light on the great poet in their own style with their very own genre.

Syed Iqbal Hussain, director, advisory board of Bhopal NRIs Forum, welcomed the guests and poets and hoped that the evening will not only entertain but will also generate awareness of the richness of Urdu language.

Shaheryar Mohammed Khan, president of Bhopal NRIs Forum, shed light on the contribution of the forum by generating awareness on the importance of education among the Indian community as well as providing assistance to students in India. He also highlighted the forum’s role in promoting sports and cultural activities in the Kingdom.

Directors of Bhopal NRIs Mansoor Siddiqui along with, Rafat Iqbal Farooqui, Rasheed Khan, Syed Iqbal Hussain, Ameen Khan and Baber Khan invited the Chief Guest Dr. Hifzur Rehman, first secretary of Embassy of India, to the stage. Rehman was awarded with “Karwan-e-Bhopal International Award 2017” for his contribution to Urdu literature.

The Mushaira started with Dr. Syed Hamid Ali Al Hamid, who chaired the session, lighting a candle in the presence of all poets, which included famous poets like Manzar Bhopali, Popular Meruthi and Dr. Majed Deobandi.

Every poet poured his heart out and enthralled the audience with their romantic and at time humorous couplets. But a unique presentation by Baqar Naqvi, a poet in his own right, stole the show. His monologue as Mirza Ghalib took the audience to the 19th Century India with all the pains, agony, pleasure and grandeur. Much to the delight of the audience, combining humor with seriousness, Baqer highlighted the genius and fallible facets of Mirza Gablib and how, like great artists from across centuries, he continues to appeal to the sensibilities of people even in present times.

Na tha kuchh to khuda tha kuchh na hota to khuda hota

Duboya mujhko hone ne na hota main to kya hota

(When there was nothing God was there and if God did not exist then nothing would have existed)

Ghalib’s existentialist philosophy is depicted in his couplet:

“Hasti ke mat Fareb mein Aa jaiyo Asad

Alam Tammam Halq-i-Dam-e-Khayal hai.

(Don’t fall prey to the illusion of your existence

The entire world around you is nothing but an imagination.)

Baqer truly set the tone of the evening where poet after poet recited their ghazals and nazms bringing audience to euphoric hysteria and breaking the hall into rapturous applause. The poets who graced the occasion to make it memorable were: Ramez from Malaysia; Syed Baqer Aleeg from Jubail; Saleem Hazrat from Al Khobar; Syed Sheeraz Mehdi Ziya from Dhahran; Mohammed Ayub Sabir from Dhahran; Suhail Saqib from Dammam; Iqbal Ahmed Qamer from Al Khobar; Iqbal Tariq from Bahrain; Asher Hassan from UAE; Popular Meeruthi from India; Dr. Majid Deobandi from India; Dr. Syed Naeem Hamid Al Hamid from Jeddah; and star of the evening Manzar Bhopali, who does not need any introduction for the Urdu lovers. He was the only poet who was requested twice to render his poetry on popular public demand.

His couplet: Hamare sarr phirey Jazbaat qaidi Ban nahi saktey; Hawaon ke liye aap kyuon Zanjeer banate hein

Yaqeen hai mujh ko Bazi Jeetne ka Fatah meri hai; Mein Guldaste banata hoon who shamsheer banate hein

(Our seamless emotions cannot be imprisoned. You unnecessary prepare chain for wind. We are confident of our victory though they come out with swords and we with flowers)

The political undertone of the couplet caught the imagination of the audience who broke into thunderous applause.

In addition to the beautiful recitations by all poets, this event was made a success through the concerted efforts of all the members of Bhopal NRIs Forum and volunteers Arshad Bhopali, Tahir Khan, Faisal Zaheer Khan, Entikhab Alam, Irfan Jafri, Amir Iqbal Shanni, Syed Ashfaq Hussain, Syed Ather Hussain, Ayaz Jafri, Faisal Aslam, Shahid Azmi, Faiz, Anjum and Faizan Arshad, Ansaf Shaikh was the media coordinator.

Members in Ladies section who played an important role in the event included Naghma Siddiqui, Tahira Rasheed, Humaira S. Siddiqui, Shehla Iqbal, Shabia Baber, Soofia Zaheer Khan Iffat Irfana, Musarrat Fareed, Deeba Shahid, Arshia Aamir, Urooj Fatima Siddiqui and Afrah Baber Khan.