Thriving of Pakistan is our responsibility


Chairman Pakistan International School Management of Council Azizia’s message;

PAKISTAN International School Azizia’s Management Council’s Chairman Asghar Baig has congratulated fellow citizens on the occasion of Independence Day and urged that we should work for the progress of the country by focusing on the mutual benefits so that we can make a mark on the world.

Our forefathers had witnessed that it was impossible to live with Hindus in the Subcontinent thereupon they started their struggle for an independent nation in which the Two-Nation Theory was highlighted. Following discussions the Pakistan Resolution was passed, and Quaid-e-Azam declared in his presidential address that Muslim and Hindu are two separate nations with distinctive outlook on life and of life, history and tradition, culture and civilization therefore Muslims need a separate homeland to follow golden rules of conduct set for them in Qur’an.

After the exemplary success of the resolution of Pakistan the struggle for Pakistan had accelerated. Under the sterling leadership of Quaid-e-Aazm, Muslims accomplished Allama Iqbal’s dream for aa separate homeland within a short period of time in the ravishing formation of Pakistan.

Our elders achieved the country through exquisite sacrifices and worked laboriously but it is our duty to make it impeccable. By following Quaid’s advice we should educate our young generation as knowledge is power, which makes one able to confront any situation with dignity and honor.

For the achievement of this potential we should provide best facilities to our young generation so that the future of our country can be preserved. We should be prudent enough about what we are teaching our children. If we keep on embellishing our children with only the worldly education then we can get doctor, engineers, scientists but we will move far from our core.

During the struggle for Pakistan all the young and old, man and woman had the same slogan which was “What is the meaning of Pakistan?” For the accomplishment of this “What” we have to give knowledge of religion alongside the worldly knowledge so that in the future we have scores of Muslim doctor, Muslim engineer, Muslim scientists, Muslim thinkers and politicians.

Pakistan International School of Jeddah is that prodigious institute which was established more than a half of century ago. Thousands of students have passed out from here. Under the supervision of Saudi Education Ministry, I have been given the responsibility as the Chairman of the council of this institute and I want to say that the aim of the members of our council is only the interest of this institute.

The students in this institute are our future and we will work arduously to make our future prosperous and safe. Following the Saudi Ministry’s instructions we are working for the betterment of this institute. I congratulate my council members, principal, staff, students and all Pakistanis living in the Kngdom a happy Independence Day.