Our forefather’s paramount sacrifices made freedom possible


“Under the guidance of Ambassador of Pakistan and the Consulate, we will keep giving the best educational facilities to the students,” Principal of PISJ, Al-Azizia, said.

The principal of Pakistan International School Al-Azizia, Mohammad Bilal congratulated the Pakistani community on the Independence Day and said that our forefathers have given tremendous sacrifices only after which we achieved Pakistan.

Today we commemorate the paramount sacrifices made by our ancestors because of which we are able to identify ourselves in the international community as a nation and our flag of the crescent and star has become the symbol of pride and honor for us.

Pakistanis throughout the world celebrate 14th of August with zeal and enthusiasm to eulogize the hard work and immense sacrifices made by our ancestors for the glorious achievement of an independent nation. This day also revives the commitments and aspirations made on the Independence Day by us.

Although the struggle for separate homeland had been under way from a very long period of time but on 23rd of March, the day when The Pakistan Resolution was passed and it was declared that Muslim nation has its own identity and for its preservation Muslims of subcontinent need a separate homeland, this struggle was spread countrywide.

After the Resolution of Pakistan, the achievement of Pakistan became accessible and our ancestors after enduring lots of hardships and obstacles gained Pakistan on 14th of August, 1947. At that time Pakistan had diminutive resources but our ancestors had endeavored industriously for the progress of our nation.

They had laid down their precious possessions and belongings for building of this nation. Our ancestors by following Quaid’s advice of working hard with honesty and determination put the nation on the road to success. They even used Acacia’s thorns in place of common pin but did not complain that they had not got anything as common as a pin.

Everyone worked rigorously for the prosperity of the country with passion. They even had to acquire education under the open sky and the fruit of their indomitable spirit is evident as the world has now acknowledged us as the first Islamic atomic power.

Our today demands from us the same standard of dedication and fervor. Pakistan International School, Al-Aziza has an honor to be recognized as the first foreign school in the Kingdom. It is now heading prosperously towards its diamond jubilee.

School Management Council’s efficient performance is indisputable. Ambassador of Pakistan, Consulate and School Link Officer’s exemplary coordination is always imminent for this educational institute, consequently school is progressing by leaps and bound in their guidance.