Ethical people vital for business’ growth & also for nation progress


Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi Chief Executive Qarshi Industries

I am basically a chemical engineer, having earned my master’s degree in chemical engineering from University of Punjab. In 1968, I started the journey from a cottage industry with the initial focus on medicinal products.In the beginning, efforts were made in the production of medicines, which were produced from natural herbs based on Greek medicinal methodology. As the business flourished in the early 80s, the scope of manufacturing expanded into consumer products and Qarshi Johar Joshanda & Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin were introduced in the market. Alhamdulillah, now a wide variety of consumer product categories is being produced and marketed like Garden’s Instant Powder Drink, Springley, and Ready to Drink products etc.

Keeping in view the global trends and interest of the mainstream market of Europe and USA, KARE Series (a new product series) has been developed. This product category will introduce the Greek & herbal medicinal way of treatment and improve the wellbeing of people living over there with quality natural products. So continuous improvement based on research is being perused in all endeavors.

Qarshi Organization has segregated its overall scope into three main areas i.e. R&D (Research & Development), Business and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Alhumdulilah! Qarshi is advancing in all three of them. In R&D, labs of international standard have been established which are playing their role in product development & improvement (quality testing & assurance).

Qarshi has a large number of National & International certifications & accreditations, which ensures the best quality of products. Recently QRI (Qarshi Research International) was accredited with ISO 17043 (Proficiency Testing Certification) and now it can also test other labs, which is for the first time in Pakistan.

The welfare/CSR has focus on health, education, and environment & heritage conservation. Qarshi Foundation Trust is working in education and health care sectors. In education, the vision is to develop managers of change based on Islamic values, which is being pursued through projects of Qarshi Muridke Complex and Qarshi University. These projects have significant importance because from grass root level, emphasis is on developing mindset, which is further groomed at higher level by Qarshi University. For future, Qarshi Knowledge city is a mega venture in planning phase, which shall transform the next generations.

In Health Care, there is a wide network of Qarshi Foundation Trust’s Dispensaries and Mother Child & Health Care Centers including Qarshi Hospital. These initiatives are helping people improve their basic health and general wellbeing. Moreover, there are many projects for environment & heritage conservation. In addition to collaboration with WWF, Jam-e-Shirin Park, Neighborhood Beautification, and Qarshi Herb Research Center are few of the initiatives being taken for better environment & heritage conservation.

Thanks to Allah Almighty, there is a spectacular development in these domains. We believe that people with better moral values are more socially responsible and are not only valuable for the business growth but also play a pivotal role in Pakistan’s development. In this way, progress of Pakistan will lead to transcendence of Muslim Ummah.

Hence, we are advancing towards our greater mission “Insaniyat Ki Bhalai, Ummah Ki Sarbulandi & Pakistan Ki Taraqqi” step by step Alhamdulillah!