‪Art Around The World‬

‪Art Around The World‬

July 01, 2017

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Beautiful Stranger

‪Sama Alshaibi is featured in an exhibition of works from The Nadour Collection at the Museum De Wieger in the Netherlands. Organised by Diana Wiegersma, and on view from 21 May until 18 September, Beautiful Stranger is divided into three themes: ‘Hubris,’ ‘Crossroads,’ and ‘Exodus.’ Highlighting a variety of media, this collective exhibition includes other artists from North Africa and the Middle East such as Youssef Nabil, Kader Attia, Larissa Sansour, Ahmed Mater, and Sara Rahbar. Alshaibi is represented in the ‘Exodus’ section of the show with the video work Sweep.‬

Remembering The Light

‪The Third Line announced the opening of Remembering The Light, a dual channel film by Lebanese artists and filmmakers Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige at Musée National Pablo Picasso, Vallauris, France. The installation is shown in the 12th Century Roman chapel which houses Pablo Picasso's mural La Guerre et La Paix.‬

‪Creating a dialogue between two displays, Remembering The Light investigates our perception of colours and realities. Five characters dive and let themselves go down. A submerged city appears in the depths, as well as military vehicles and other strange ruins. On the parallel screen, a multi-coloured scarf plunges slowly into the water. The images invite the exploration of a singular field of perception; in the sea depths, the spectrum of colours shrinks to complete darkness. The colours change and disappear one after another, first red, then orange, yellow, green and finally blue, before complete black. The divers’ coloured clothes, the rainbow scarf which has fallen into the water, thus lose the vibrancy of their hues as they sink into the abyss. However, when these submarine depths are illuminated, the plankton remembers the light and reveals its luminescence. The exhibition runs from July 1 to November 6, 2017.‬

Woven Identities

‪The Art Gallery at NYU Abu Dhabi is hosting its next show at its auxiliary venue, The Project Space. Titled Woven Identities, in an exhibition that examines how we adapt or conform to our immediate environment, and explores the transient lifestyle in the UAE. Opening on Wednesday, July 5, and running through Saturday, July 22, the duo show will feature modern contemporary installations expressing renewable themes in art by Dubai-based emerging artists, Stephanie Neville and Jeff Scofield. he Project Space, operated by the staff of the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery and housed within the campus’ Arts Center, is dedicated to NYU Abu Dhabi community projects. Providing a platform for experimentation and exploration, the Project Space gives priority to exhibitions of the academic community, such as the annual Capstone Festival, semester-end exhibitions of student works, and faculty-curated exhibitions. Scofield and Neville explore a subjective narrative with the environment in conjunction with society, where the individual is led through an adventure towards self-identity. “By weaving together natural materials and found objects, we construct visual narratives through a tactile process of collecting and assembling, thereby giving new meaning to materials,” Scofield said. The exhibition explores the interconnectedness that binds us in the context of transience and flux, which define our shared experiences in the UAE, while sustaining one’s personal identity. “This construction is likened to the essence of fabric— the warp and weft of individual threads combined to strengthen and unify, while also providing malleability and adaptability,” Neville further explained.‬

G . F Smith celebrates the World’s Favourite Colour 'Marrs Green'

‪Revealed via a cascade of paper helicopters over Humber Street in Hull, G . F Smith announces that ‘Marrs Green’ has been voted the world’s favourite colour. Following a global survey, where thousands of people spanning over 100 countries worldwide voted for their most loved colour, ‘Marrs Green’, named in honour of the survey participant Annie Marrs, who chose the shade closest to the winning hue, will now join the iconic Colorplan range as the temporary 51st shade, and is available for use by designers, brands and individuals via ‬gfsmith.com‪. 'I'm absolutely delighted to have picked the World's Favourite Colour! The colour was inspired by the landscape that surrounds me at home in Scotland and that deep green hue with a tinge of blue has always been a‬ ‪favourite of mine," said Annie Marrs.‬

Khaled Jarrar in Survival of the Artist symposium

‪Khaled Jarrar is participating in Survival of the Artist, a one-day symposium that explores artists working under siege and in times of conflict or repression. Organised by the Mosaic Rooms in association with the Shubbak Festival 2017, the symposium will include presentations, panel discussions, and performances. Jarrar will be speaking on a panel of artists about his experiences in the West Bank as he navigates the Israeli occupation of Palestine, including such issues as censorship and limited mobility. The event will be held at the British Museum’s BP Lecture Theatre on 2 July from 10 am to 5:30 pm.‬

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-Compiled by Mariam Nihal

July 01, 2017
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