Who targeted Holy Kaaba?

Who targeted Holy Kaaba?

Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi

THE question itself is chilling. How could anyone, whatever his religion, target the Holy Kaaba? How could he target the masses of believers in the most peaceful and spiritual moments?

The question is magnified and mystified when the doer is carrying the banner of Islam, citing the holy book, and claims to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). How could a state, group, or an individual who embraces the peaceful religion of Islam target Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan, on the night of the Holy Qur’an, in the House of God, the Haram Al-Sharif?

The inevitable answer is that they have no relation to Islam or any religion — whatsoever. The executor is merely a tool, a person who has lost his mind, soul and humanity to the point of conviction that he is entering Paradise with Muslims by killing Muslims; that he would drink from Al Kawthar spring with the Prophet (peace be upon him), by killing and frightening his visitors and his mosque worshipers (as they did the same time, last year).

As for those who motivated, guided and supported the terrorists, I have no doubt that they know exactly what they are doing. They sit in their safe houses with their children and families, and pay the fools to carry out their dirty worldly political agendas. They do not care how many innocent victims fall, and how much Islam’s image is distorted, for their goals have nothing to do with religion or humanity.

One of the most important objectives, I believe, is to prove that Saudi Arabia is unable to provide protection for the holy mosques and their visitors. Therefore, the management of Haj and Umrah must be internationalized, as Iran has, forever, been calling for.

They also aim to fail the new crown prince, Muhammad Bin Salman, who has declared war on their terrorism and achieved measurable successes.

Recent wins against terrorist organizations in Arab and Muslim countries must have provoked their sponsors’ anger and resentment. In response they pursued high-impact strikes against us. What would be more appropriate, in their twisted minds, to carry out the horrendous crime, than the night of “khatma” (the reading of the last chapter of Qur’an), when 4 millions pilgrims and worshipers gather in one place behind one imam, watched live by 1.6 billion Muslims, plus billions more around the globe? What is easier and more effective than a suicidal bombing that results in a stampede in the most crowded place on earth, leaving huge losses and uncontrollable chaos? What is a better platform than to do it under the eyes and ears of the Saudi leadership and their guests, the Arab and Muslim leaders, praying in Safa Palace, overlooking the Sacred House?

These people forgot that the House is protected by the Lord; that the State of Saudi Arabia has used all its resources to secure the guests of the Beneficent; and that every Saudi citizen is their adversary. We must always remind them that they are the targets, the persuaded. And that the Sword of Firmness will reach them wherever they may be — Iran included.

The Islamic Nation and the international community should intensify their efforts to fight terrorism, abort terrorist schemes, and target all terror sponsors.

Finally, a special tribute must be extended to the security forces who have proved, once again, that they are our watchful eyes and solid shields. Their performance is appreciated in the service of the guests of Allah and the security of the two holy mosques.

They deserved the special tribute of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman during his visit to the group that faced the terrorists and thwarted their malicious plans. God bless them all!


— Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi is a Saudi writer based in Jeddah. He can be reached at kbatarfi@gmail.com. Follow him at Twitter:@kbatarfi