ACDelco clears the air on replacing cabin air filters

ACDelco clears the air on replacing cabin air filters


WHILE automakers have been incorporating cabin air filters into new vehicles for years, many owners still are not aware of cabin air filters’ existence, much less the benefits.

ACDelco intends to change that with its wide range of professional cabin filter applications that cover millions of GM-built models on Middle East roads today. These competitively priced, high-quality and durable filters meet or exceed original equipment specifications.

Spring is an excellent time for vehicle owners to change their cabin air filters and prepare their vehicles for the long hot summer days. It is important to change cabin air filters every year or as advised by a car’s owner’s manual to keep air clean in the cabin.

The majority of vehicles in service today are equipped with cabin air filters, and some vehicles even have more than one filter. Owners should understand the role cabin air filters play in reducing or blocking odor-causing contaminants – as well as dust, sand, pollutants in vehicle emissions and even insects and leaves – from the vehicle’s interior.

Just as it’s hard for someone to run a race if they can’t breathe, or efficiently operate a home AC unit with clogged filters, a vehicle’s dirty or clogged cabin air filter can affect air quality and passenger comfort.

Not all filters are alike. Because no one should take shortcuts when it comes to cabin air quality, ACDelco goes the extra mile to ensure quality construction and performance:

• Long media is used in the filter’s non-woven material to capture more particles while increasing airflow

• The compound media portion of the filter consists of three layers: The outside layer captures 100 percent of large, airborne particles, the middle layer captures smaller particles and the final layer provides strength and stability

• Layered construction creates “separated” media to better contain dust and sand particles – for higher efficiency

• ACDelco provides OE fit, form and function and never “universal” applications to ensure the right fit for the right vehicle.

• ACDelco OE and Professional cabin air filters carry a 12-month, 19,000 -kilometer warranty.

Owners that are aware of their cabin air filter may be tempted to change it themselves, but it can be difficult depending on the vehicle.

ACDelco recommends taking the vehicle to a service center to inspect the cabin air filter or filters as part of a multi-point vehicle inspection or oil change.

Filters should be replaced according to the owner’s manual (most recommend every 19,000 – 24,000 kilometers) but owners who drive on dusty roads, in heavy traffic, or are highly allergic may choose to replace filters more frequently.

ACDelco Cabin Air Filter helps to remove pollutants entering through the AC system; removes most allergens that enter the ventilation system;  filters airborne mold, and improves overall AC performance. — SG