A war of rumors

They feed on such information.

April 23, 2015
Anmar Mutaweh



Anmar Mutaweh



There will always be rumors surrounding information classified as secret or confidential. This is how rumors spread. They feed on such information.


Allow me to present a few examples. Some rumors may receive widespread public attention, such as the rumor that man did not reach the moon, that the CIA was behind 9/11 and that UFOs have been spotted somewhere.


During times of war, the causes of rumors differ. Sometimes, rumors spread like wildfire as a result of public fear, anticipation or hope. Rumors are effective tools for psychological warfare. They destroy the enemy’s morale and uplift the public’s morale. The results can, however, at times be destructive. The war on the Houthis in Yemen has not been waged for nothing. There are constitutional, legal and ethical justifications and reasons for this war. We should not rely on or take heed of rumors that try to spread doubt on the noble objectives of the Arab coalition. A war is a war, and only one side will be victorious.


It is our social responsibility not to be part of or help spread rumors, stories, news, or details of events that have not been verified at the original source, and by that I mean the spokesman for the Arab Coalition and the adviser to the Minister of Defense.

April 23, 2015
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