Friday, 31 October 2014  -  07 Muharram 1436 H

Campus death of student ‘inhumane’ – Red Crescent


Soad Al-Shamrani
Okaz/Saudi Gazette


RIYADH — Red Crescent spokesman Mazen Al-Ghamdi has described as “inhumane” the behavior of Riyadh university security personnel, who prevented paramedics from entering the campus to attend to a female student, who suffered a stroke last Sunday.

Amna Bawazeer died after her heart and lungs stopped functioning. Al-Ghamdi also criticized the poor state of facilities at the university. “How can the service elevator in the most prominent Saudi university be out of service? This slowed paramedics down considerably as they were forced to carry the victim on their shoulders,” he said.

Al-Ghamdi said laws should be enacted to allow paramedics to attend accidents without any delays, especially since the Red Crescent has faced similar situations in other girls’ schools.

Meanwhile, Amna’s family insisted that she died after paramedics were prevented from entering the campus.

The King Saud University in Riyadh denied the accusation and said Amna, who had a history of heart disease, received quick medical attention after suffering a stroke last Sunday, causing her heart and lungs to stop functioning.

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