Saturday, 05 September 2015  -  21 Dhul-Qada 1436 H
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Why are you angry, chief?


Badriya Al-Bishr

During Al-Thamina Show (which is aired on MBC), the chief of the Commission of the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia) talked angrily about the death of two young men following a car chase involving Haia members in a Riyadh neighborhood. The chief was not angry at the young men's death as much as he was furious at why the media and the general public, through social network sites, keep attacking the Haia.

He did not feel like he had to explain to viewers how the accident took place. Moreover, he did not say why the chase started and whether the Haia members reported the two young men before engaging in a car chase.

The most important thing for the chief was the question: "Why do you keep attacking us and criticize us for preventing vice?" It’s as if he had forgotten that one of the major vices is killing a human being which is haram in Islam. He did say, during his visit to the victims' family, that "We refuse this breach (of law)". So, why does the chief get angry when people reject him?

The chief boasted and bragged about the Haia's accomplishments, which included chasing black magicians and human traffickers. Black magicians and human traffickers? Where are we? Are we in an African jungle, chief? Okay, of which type were the two young victims? Black magicians who jumped out of a Harry Potter movie or human traffickers? Or were they drug dealers?

While continuing to defend the Haia, the chief said: "The Haia is a government agency which is prone, like other agencies, to making errors."

Okay, if the Haia is a government agency, why should the chief feel angry when the media and people criticize his agency for the mistake of killing two innocent young men? Would the chief be satisfied and content if a sheikh of the awakening movement made a statement sympathizing with the killers, a statement like "One of the signs of hypocrites is they criticize the Haia." Should people be called hypocrites because they were enraged over the death of two young men?

Why did the minister of heath not do the same when he was attacked by the media over the medical error which resulted in tainted blood being transmitted to a little girl? Why did he not call the critics hypocrites who wanted to disrupt security and spread vice?  So if the ministers of education and labor or the Civil Defense Directorate or Police get criticized, they should ask the general public to wait and not criticize them until the end of investigations? Why should we wait when the whole accident was captured on cell phones and there was a witness who testified before the police?

The same witness told the host of Al-Thamina Show that he was traveling at 140 kms per hour and could not keep up with the Haia car. This means the Haia car was traveling at a high speed on a busy road. He even saw the Haia car rear-end the victims' car four times until the rear bumper fell off.

He even said that he saw four police patrol vehicles on the road but the Haia members failed to report the victims' car to any of the officers who could have pulled over the young men. The Haia banned car chases following previous incidents which claimed the lives of others. Is this not "a premeditated act" then?

Is this not an obvious crime? Why should the public and media refrain from criticizing the Haia until the results of investigations are out? Why does the chief want them to wait? Does the Haia want us to wait so that it can find a way out of this and pin the whole thing on another party?

Abdul Aziz Al-Qasim, a lawyer, said" "Many a times Haia members have not been mentioned in police reports on purpose." He is ready to prove it.

Actually, you don't have to do that, Abdul Aziz. The previous accidents involving Haia members are conclusive proof of this statement. What Abdul Aziz said was true that "The Haia is being run from outside and it's difficult to control from inside."

Have I not mentioned that we are watching an utterly scary and unpredictable series?

Just a while ago, the Haia chief said those who criticize Haia members are against the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice. So that is it? Only the Haia can promote virtue and prevent vice and no one else can do it.

Based on this statement, we must cancel all government agencies and ministries. There is no need for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the police, the media corporations. We should exclude the Haia, this great commission, a commission which makes mistakes and kills people then describes its critics as hypocrites and brothers of Satan.

Note: Local Viewpoints are translated from the Arabic press to bring current mainstream opinions published in Saudi media to a worldwide audience. The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Saudi Gazette or of its team.
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