Thursday, 02 July 2015  -  15 Ramadan 1436 H
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Experts declare an all-out war on MERS-coronavirus

Saeed Al-Khotani
Saudi Gazette

RIYADH – The newly-established Global Center for Mass Gathering Medicine (GCMGM) has been assigned to monitor the developments related to MERS-coronavirus, according to recommendations issued here on Tuesday by the 2nd International Mass Gathering Medicine Conference.

“Monitoring will include following the latest developments, related international studies and research, developing preventive measures against MERS, and setting up treatment protocols to benefit from all these in dealing with the disease in Haj, Umrah, and other mass gatherings anywhere in the world,” the recommendations said.

The conference also recommended cooperation and coordination between GCMGM and other global centers for disease prevention, control, and research for early detection and action against any new emerging disease or outbreaks but preserving the intellectual rights of the governments concerned.

It also emphasized the necessity to exchange information and experience regarding diseases, especially communicable ones, among governments, international organizations, and research centers with consideration to the privacy of patients and the ethics in the dissemination of information.

The conference stressed the importance of supporting mass gathering medicine as an emerging medical field and to benefit from the Saudi expertise through GCMGM in the fields of training, research, and exchange of expertise.

While it highly regarded the role of the media in creating awareness among people against communicable diseases in particular and other ailments in general, the conference sought a balanced coverage from the media based on facts.

The conference organized by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Arab League and the World Health Organization (WHO) was inaugurated on Saturday by Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah on behalf of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah.

It was attended by around 500 participants. They included seven health ministers, a deputy health minister, top representatives of international and regional health organizations including WHO, as well as international and local communicable and viral diseases experts.

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