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Acne vulgaris (acne and its effects)

Last updated: Monday, July 08, 2013 9:28 AM

It is one of the most common skin problems during adolescence, affecting about 90% of youngsters. It often appears between the age 15-20 years, although there are a few cases where people in different age group have encountered it. It generally appears on the forehead and cheeks and can stay with mild inflammatory lesions sometimes. With the rise in sex hormones in body during the adolescence, inflammatory lesions appear more composed of papules and nodules with the spread of pests to other regions. The infection in males are usually more severe compared to females. Though the situation exacerbate in females a week before the menstrual cycle. In females, who did not encounter acnes in their adolescence can develop the problem when in 25-30 and the papules and nodules are more painful and lasts a long time often developing in the lower third of the face and neck.

 All types of acne lesion have the ability to make Erythema transient or leave darker skin hyper pigmentation, which may continue after infection for several months, permanent scarring may also occur. This may have psychological affects on the patients, as about 30-50% of them suffer from mental disorder, so one must not delay and ignore but should rather start early treatment to prevent complications.

Processing methods:

• Proper cleaning in the morning and at night before applying of the creams and never to use ordinary soaps and detergents
• Use of Salicylic acid compounds, Azelaic acid and peroxide that have a counter effect on bacteria and inflammation.
• Usage of topical antibiotics.
• Usage of Izoterininothin, which is given in severe cases is required to use periodic follow-up and blood analysis to avoid side effects, particularly on the liver. Not prescribed for patients under the age of 18 or for pregnant women
• Light therapy, one of modern processors that work on the treatment of acne and the renewal of the layers of the skin

Treatment of scars:

Scar is the biggest problem faced by a common acne patient which causes negative psychological effects on the patient. Treatment depends mainly on laser device based on the principle of fragmented treatment, during which the patient is advised to avoid exposure to the sun as it may result in hyper pigmentation.

“COFRAX” is a Fractional Laser device using a technique called Fractional CO2 represents a great development in addressing these problems; it uses columns microscopic skin therapy improves and strengthen the collagen and increases Elastin.

COFRAX’s ablative treatment has better performance compared to the traditional CO2 resurfacing because the distinguished fine beam of COFRAX creates finest thermal zone to minimize side effects.

It makes deep micro ablative columns surrounded by undamaged tissues, rather than ablating the entire surface of traditional CO2 laser. This strength induces cell regeneration faster than the usual to reduce downtime. Scarlet Fractional Laser enables various thermal effect on and in the skin specially designed Micro-Needle Radio Frequency. It ensures perfect result. There’s less pain, less down time and no side effects.

It uses Radio frequency or Radio rays and delivers to the skin layers through minute needles, aiming to activate and stimulate collagen in the skin, improves Elastin, and thus gives a tight and cohesive skin without any side effects. The results can be seen right after the first session and the result lasts a long time.

Rafcel Plus is a unique aesthetic system for invasive and non-invasive fractional Radio Frequency. This treatment technology induces dermal coagulation and collagen to be stimulated precisely for scars and wrinkles as long lasting skin tightening. Also acne scars can be cured by injecting Stem Cells that are extracted from body fat and are re-injected in the body after being treated in special manner. This method is new and is a revolution in the world of Esthetics and works on the renewal of skin cells and restores youth and vitality, stimulate the formation of collagen which helps in the treatment of scars. Fillers like STYLAGE can also be used to hide and resolve scars as they are injected under the scars leading to the lifting and improve their appearance.

Dr. Diana Al Kadi

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