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Saudi women can now sponsor sons, husbands

Last updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 8:41 AM


Saudi Gazette report


AL-AHSA — Finally, Saudi wives married to non-Saudi husbands can now sponsor their sons and husbands after the Cabinet recently approved a number of regulations allowing them to do so, Al-Hayat daily reported.

There are over 750,000 Saudi wives married to non-Saudi husbands.

According to the new regulations, the sons of Saudi wives can now enjoy the right to education, work, and medical treatment, while businesses that hire them will get points for that count toward their Saudization targets.

Muhammad Al-Awas, Director of Eastern Province Civil Affairs, told Al-Hayat that in order for a Saudi wife to sponsor her sons, she should submit to authorities proof that her marriage contract has been issued legally and the marriage has been approved by concerned authorities.

He added that her sons should have IDs.

“A Saudi mother will be the sponsor of her sons and her name will be written in the residency permit. If a son lives outside the Kingdom, the mother can bring him over and be his sponsor.”

Al-Awas noted that the new regulations allow the sons of a Saudi mother to work in the private sector without having to transfer their sponsorship.

The sons of a Saudi mother will be treated like Saudi citizens, he said.

Saudi wives can also bring over their non-Saudi husbands to the Kingdom and be their sponsors. The profession of a non-Saudi husband will be written as “husband of Saudi citizen” in the residency permit. He will also be allowed to work in the private sector as long as he has an official passport.

The new regulations consist of 13 articles to regulate the issue of marriage contracts between Saudi and non-Saudi parties, taking into consideration the security, social, and legal dimensions, according to Al-Awas. A non-Saudi husband who is married to Saudi wife can apply for multiple-entry visas and his sons can enjoy the same thing.

Al-Awas said violators of the new regulations will be fined SR100,000, noting that proceeds from such fines will go to charitable organizations that help Saudi young men get married.

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