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Authorities bust militants’ terror cell inside prison

Last updated: Saturday, December 29, 2012 1:11 AM

RIYADH — A terror cell, formed inside a prison by a detainee involved in terrorist cases, was busted according to an Arabic daily quoting authentic sources.

The cell includes several militants. Some have been arrested for security reasons while others are being tried for their involvement in former terrorist operations, Al-Riyadh Arabic daily reported Friday.

Information indicates that the cell members communicated with each other while in prison wards and sections, intending to carry out suspicious and evil deeds despite their detention.

This reveals the deep-rooted evil inclination of the detainees and their zest to carry out crimes even after their arrests.

This criminal cell was planning secretly to carry out “military” acts of sabotage against the United States and its interests after its members are released from prison.

The detained persons were planning from within the prison to target oil installations in the Kingdom and kidnap a number of foreigners residing in the Kingdom, after their release.

Al-Riyadh has learnt that the elements of this cell received training inside prison by one of the detained militants on methods of military tactics, security matters and information.

This was with the intention of carrying out acts of sabotage of military nature within the Kingdom and abroad. They planned to carry this out when they are freed.

The authorities have accused one of the cell members — currently detained — of receiving smuggled messages in the prison and distributing it secretly to several detained militants.

The messages called for adopting Al-Qaeda ideology including an article entitled “Bin Laden and the oil weapon.” He handed it over to one of the accused, who in turn published its contents in one of the organization’s e-magazine.

Investigations revealed great activity among these elements in exchanging information in order to achieve their goals, including boosting the information aspect for the organization before their arrest.

This included one of them passing information to the information in-charge for Al-Qaeda in the Kingdom indicating the presence of foreign officials and security officers in one of the big hotels in Jeddah with the intention of targeting them.

Before their arrest, several of these elements supported Al-Qaeda by providing them information. They represented the information front for Al-Qaeda in the Kingdom by publishing its statements on blasts they carried out at several locations. They also published Al-Qaeda books on the Internet.

One of these books was titled “The ruling on targeting oil installations”, aside from posting a film on targeting the US Consulate in Jeddah. They posted a video on one of Al-Qaeda leading members with the intention of attracting people to join them.

They passed information to the in-charge of Al-Qaeda’s information section on one of the participants of the Abqaiq refinery bombing so as to publish it on the Internet. One of the elements strove to obtain an issue of “Sawt Al-Jihad” (The voice of Jihad) carrying information on Al-Qaeda with the aim of distributing it among the detainees.

Another element, under detention, distributed information about Al-Qaeda’s publications, books, articles and terrorist events at a forum. This was with the intention of calling people to join Al-Qaeda and disseminating its deviant thought.

According to the results of investigations, one of the current detainees was carrying out the function of executive director of the so-called International Islamic Information Front that is concerned with Al-Qaeda thought and approach.

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